The 7 Most Frustrating Types You’ll Meet on Dating Sites

He offered to take me out to a local Italian restaurant, said he would call me the next day to make the plans, and then I never heard from him again. Which was fine, since I had already decided he was an alcoholic anyway. Another guy who refused to talk on the phone with me, would text me non-stop. He would use the excuse of being at work and not being allowed to talk on the phone. I found out later by googling his name that he was indeed married, and it wasn’t even difficult to figure this out. In a google search of his name, his Facebook page came up immediately. First post I saw? Him and his wife smiling at their 4 year old son’s birthday party. Classy. Most of these men who lie, are not only liars, but very bad liars. If a guy wont talk to you or only talks to you sporadically, chances are, something is going on. He is involved and looking for something discreet on the side, or he is hiding something else from you. Like that he talks like Rocky Balboa. “Yo, Adrian!”


These guys confuse me. They are on a dating site, but they come across as if they do NOT want to be on a dating site. It is like someone put a weapon to their head and threatened them: “YOU MUST JOIN OK CUPID OR DIE!!!!” Everything about them is defensive, starting with their profile page. Their pictures always look unfocused, like they don’t care, or like they are angry for having to put up a picture at all. The best part is the content in their bio and their profile. Every response is super angry and defensive, and they all use the phrase “drama!” “I don’t want any DRAMA!!! No drama! Im not here for any drama!!!” They say defensive things in their profile like: “If you’re going to play games, don’t even bother messaging me, because I don’t play games”, or “Dont send me a message because I wont see it! And if you’re here to find someone who has a great paycheck, keep lookin. If you are about money, keep lookin.” Wow, dude, calm down. Who crapped in your cereal? Then they contact you with a message or conversation exchange, and even THAT is defensive:

Him: Hey, whats up?

Me: Not much. How are you today?

Him: I’ve been better. Most of the girls on here just wanna play games. I’m not about drama.

Me: Okay. I prefer comedy myself.

Him: Well its not so funny when your ex-wife fights you for custody and then asks for even more alimony.

Me: My husband is dead.

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The 7 Most Frustrating Types You’ll Meet on Dating Sites

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