Season 6: Intimate Sexual Techniques

Would you like to discover, step by step, how to ignite, move into and master a deep and passionate sexually intimate experience? Combat boring, lazy sexual activity with these energizing pleasure creation methods for you and your lover to enjoy sex 100 times more. Learn the subtleties of feminine and masculine pleasure zones and how to foster an intimate relationship of trust, healing and passion.

Season 6 Introduction

Would you like to discover, step by step, how to ignite, move into and master a deep and passionate sexually intimate experience? Learn how in Season 6.

Episode 1: Begin Sacred Love-Making

Discover and open up to a new level of intimate exploration, fun and meaning in your lovemaking?

Episode 2: Creating Sacred Space

Learn how to design a sensual inviting environment for any lovemaking experience by utilizing quick feng shui principles and opening the flow of energy in your personal space.

Episode 3: Lovemaking Intention

Ever have sex and wonder why you felt unfulfilled afterwards? That will change when you share an Intention before lovemaking. Learn how to be conscious and clear about what you each want to experience. Intention is a guide through the lovemaking journey so that each partner can have their desires met. This technique will give you a greater sense of fulfillment in your lovemaking experience.

Episode 4: Magnetic Chemistry

Where did the passion go? Move you and your partner out of neutral and into high gear engagement by remagnetizing with each other. Use Magnetic Chemistry to re-stimulate your natural physical chemistry.

Episode 5: Factor 1-Sexual Passion

Turn up the heat. Melt each other’s defenses and roll into intimacy and spontaneous sex by utilizing this fun factor of Sexual Passion. Use this at any moment to stir up your sexual appetites!

Episode 6: Factor 2-Emotional Magnetism

Should you have sex after an argument? Find out in Emotional Magnetism and learn how to transform the negative emotions that come up in a relationship to fuel the fire of your passion.

Episode 7: Factor 3-Foreplay to Ecstasy

Learn the foreplay keys to how you and your lover can enjoy sexual intimacy 100 times more.

Episode 8: Factor 4-Yang Foreplay

Combat boring, lazy foreplay and sexual activity by learning this intimate and practical philosophy.

Episode 9: Clitoris and G-spot Play

You may know where the clitoris and g-spot are but do you know how to approach and touch them in a way that will elicit great receptivity and pleasure. Learn the subtleties of a woman’s pleasure zones and how to foster a relationship of trust, healing and activate wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure for her.

Episode 10: Male Erogenous Play

Understand the male erogenous zones like you never have before. Learn how to stimulate the male g-spot and take him to heightened levels of sensual awareness and incredible pleasure.

Episode 11: Sensual Touch

Do you ever cringe when your partner touches you in a way that just doesn’t work? Sensual Touch will support the needed skill development for touching with both stimulation and care. The technique will also teach you how to articulate and direct the sensual touch you need to receive from your partner.

Episode 12: Tongue Kung Fu

Ever knew there was an art called Tongue Kung Fu? This technique is a playful skill set of heart and tongue. This oral foreplay offers a variety of techniques to tantalize your lover. Be spontaneous and be masterful. Your lover will applaud.

Episode 13: Harmonizing Heart, Body, Soul

Do you find that you don’t feel connected when you are making love? Here is an equally enjoyable remedy for you and your partner! This powerful ritual will help you harmonize together in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas. Use Harmonizing Heart, Body and Soul before lovemaking for exquisite connectivity every time.