Season 1: Love Yourself

Learning the qualities for loving yourself from the inside out can create a new reality of LOVE for you. Move into this season to meditate, breathe, and experience. Prepare to open up for love to flourish in your life.

Season 1 Introduction

Learn how to dive under the surface and source the essence of the amazing you. Discover how to become more comfortable in your own skin and in how you can engage more confidently in your daily life and promising relationships.

Episode 1: Warm Up For Love TV

Begin your journey of stepping into a life you have dreamed of with this Warm Up practice. Learn how to utilize breathing to move into a “State” of self awareness and love. This will be your warm up before each LOVE TV episode.

Episode 2: I Am Enough

Step forward as a more confident you with the I Am Enough episode. In I Am Enough, you will learn how to stop beating up on yourself for this and that and start really, sincerely accepting yourself for the amazing BEING you actually are.

Episode 3: Get Happy

In this episode, you can learn how to transform your mood and GET HAPPY in those moments where you need an emotional pick up and some support when it isn’t practical to call on a friend or a counselor. You do have the magic!!

Episode 4: Being Authentic

In the Being Authentic episode, you will learn how to integrate varied aspects of yourself that may be divergent from each other. Use this Being Authentic technique to grow your own integrity everyday.

Episode 5: Rejuvenation

In Rejuvenation, you will learn to naturally relax which can help you present your best self, make better decisions, and show more interest in others.

Episode 6 : Body Appreciation

In Body Appreciation, discover the technique that can help positively reshape your body thoughts and experiences with a special person.

Episode 7: Beauty Inside Out

Use Beauty Inside Out to increase feeling good and looking your best anytime of the day. Learn how the health of your vital organs, glands, nerves, and blood circulation dramatically inform your outer vibrancy, appearance and attractiveness.