Season 5: Getting Fit for Love, Sex and Intimacy

Fit for Love, Sex and Intimacy is a moving meditation that will connect you with your subtle energy, enhance your ability to shed your inhibitions, embody sensuality, ease your heart and body into aligned magnetic attraction, empowered love and nourishing intimacy. These easy-to-follow heart opening and libido enhancing mind/body movements can help you move into a more confident and passionate intimate relationship!

Season 5 Introduction

Have you ever thought certain movement exercises could make your love life better? Learn how this meditative movement practice can help you let go of inhibitions, put down your walls, open your heart and embrace your sensual nature.

Episode 1: Awakening Your Body for Love

Awakening Your Body for Love can help you let go and open up to feel the “State of Love” effortlessly. In this episode, learn gentle mind/body movements that will help to increase love in your heart, release emotional tension and connect you to the feelings and sensations of bliss.

Episode 2: Tai Chi of Love

Tai Chi of Love helps you bring the physical, emotional and spiritual energy into balance.In this episode, learn mind/body movements that facilitate clearing up emotions and stagnation that can keep you from fully expressing yourself in your love life.

Episode 3: Sensual Body Love

In this episode, discover mind/body serpentine movements that will help you connect with your body's sensual and sexual nature in an entirely new way. Sensual Body Love can help you step into the sensual “State of Love” to enjoy it with ease.

Episode 4: Increasing Sexuality

The Increasing Sexuality episode can help you build your sexual energy, sexual stamina and be ready to have your best sexual experiences with these mind, body movements.

Episode 5: Sexual Vitality

Sexual Vitality can help you resource sexual energy that may have been deficient so you can move towards effortless sexual spontaneity and enjoyment. Activate your sexual vitality and renew energy in your sexual center.

Episode 6: Sexual Healing

In Sexual Healing can help you release sexual inhibitions in a self loving way, freeing you to express yourself sexually with openness and joy. Release sexual stagnation and nurture healthy connectivity with your sexual body and hormonal energy.

Episode 7: Sexual Pleasure Response

In this episode, learn stimulating movements to heighten your sexual sensitivity, and discover the origins of your sexual response and new pleasure zones.

Episode 8: Sexual Toning

In this episode, learn to increase your sexual strength and enhance your opportunities to have orgasmic pleasure. Sexual Toning can help you experience not just sexual pleasure but also bolster emotional, and spiritual connectivity too.

Episode 9: Sexual Awakening

In this episode, learn catlike movements that will help you connect to more sexual strength and acumen for all the pleasures of intimacy. Sexual Awakening can help you develop as a lover with these profoundly proficient moves.

Episode 10: Core + Bridge

In this episode learn to strengthen your spine and your inner core to enjoy even more sexual pleasure. Core+Bridge can help you utilize your core and your back strength to channel more sexual ecstasy.

Episode 11: The Attunement Meditation

The Attunement Meditation can help nurture your overall wellbeing for a deeper sense of unity from head to toe. Utilize this episode to bolster intimate expression and your private moments of pleasure.