Season 4: Uplevelling Your Love, Sex and Intimacy

This Season, embrace truly growing in love. Go deeper into the most favorable shared alignment qualities vs misaligned preferences while launching a relationship. Acquire critical knowledge and abilities to cherish, honor, nurture and support a partner on an ongoing basis. Confront mediocrity and intimate thresholds when your relationship has grown stale. Refine your ability to make your dreams of love a reality.

Season 4 Introduction

Learn how to get unstuck from patterns of mediocrity in your relationship life and embrace a willingness to truly grow in love. You will be introduced to practices to recognize alignment vs misalignment and how to move through intimate thresholds.

Episode 1: Creating Great Love

In this episode, learn to recognize and nurture great love and let go of resistance to the loving opportunities that show up in your life.

Episode 2: Ecstatic Breathing

Sexual Pleasure can be a meaningful and sacred experience! The Ecstatic Breathing episode and techniques help integrate disjointed beliefs, thoughts and feelings about sex. Learning Ecstatic Breathing can bring out your capacity to have richer, more fulfilling sexual experiences.

Episode 3: Overcoming Intimate Thresholds

Prepare for long term relationship development and how to navigate challenges that arise. Overcoming Intimate Thresholds helps you understand how to break through intimate resistance when you get stuck and have to face an unconscious shadow in your relationship.

Episode 4: Release It

The Release It episode is your wing tool to help liberate you to have your best relationship. The Release It technique supports you to let go of the things that aren’t serving you in your love life.

Episode 5: Getting In Your Zone for Intimacy

This quick and power packed Getting In Your Zone for Intimacy episode helps you get out of your own way and release those inhibitions to be your freest, most enthusiastic, and most fun to share intimacy.