Season 2: Be Ready for LOVE

Have you often wondered why certain people naturally create a wonderful love life and others have such difficulty? Interference can get in the way of an amazing experience of love. In this season prepare to shift from interference and inhibition to your full permission and full release to go for it in love!

Season 2 Introduction

Refocus Resolve, Revision, Rewrite your love story. Learn how to say goodbye to unresolved relational hurt or discord and old disempowering scripts that can play out in your mind and in reality.

Episode 1: Let Go and Open Your Heart

In this episode, discover a powerful technique to alchemize negative, unprocessed emotions that may be keeping you from having the intimate experiences you really want to have.

Episode 2: Positive Emotions to Open Your Heart

In this episode learn how to prepare for being in your best emotional state for connecting, sharing and receiving love.

Episode 3: Frequency of Love

In this episode, Your Frequency matters. Learn tips to prepare you for meeting new people, evaluating new people and recalibrating experiences for great relationships to manifest and mature.

Episode 4: Marry Me

Getting married or creating a committed quality relationship is a lot closer than you think! Marry Me helps you unpack your relationship dynamics by meeting your feminine and masculine self inside. Marry Me prepares you to identify and attract the best partner for you.

Episode 5: Love Intuition

Your perfect match can be right in front of you, or beside you, or around the corner. But you may not be tuned in enough, asserting yourself or making good choices. Love Intuition helps to enhance your viewfinder, intuition and claim your power to make a great choice in any stage of your love life.

Episode 6: The Secrets of Soulmates

In this episode, you are learning how to identify your “Person.” Having the knowledge of where you need to be for love and knowing how to spot and discern real alignment are critical ingredients for blossoming into the kind of love life you truly want.