Season 3: Powering Your Absolute Love Essentials

At first glance, the essential qualities to grow love may seem old fashioned but they are not out of date. These qualities are actually fresh, attractive, heart opening and highly sought after at any stage of dating and relationship building. In this Season, we explore how you can create a healthy foundation for greater passion to bloom in your life.

Season 3 Introduction

Learn powerful insights for making good dating decisions and important steps to take in the first stages of love. Then discover the mature steps to take for nourishing love in the areas you need and want most.

Episode 1: Confident Dating

In this episode, discover important tips to exhibit dating confidence to succeed on a date. Confident Dating will help you let go of inhibitions and bring your passion and personality forward.

Episode 2: Dating Choices

In this episode, You want to succeed. You want your dating efforts that you are putting into finding someone to pay off. Dating Choices increases your capacity to have your best opportunity to succeed with a date!

Episode 3: The Best Communicators

Keep the faith! Communication is not out of your hands, even though it can seem like it. The Best Communicators episode addresses the core communication issues and begins shaping the communication in your love life that is best for you.

Episode 4: The Communication You Want

The Communication You Want, sets you up for communicating with ease day to day and in very important moments in a relationship. With preparation, these skills can create lasting benefits that nurture your dating and relationship evolution.

Episode 5: Dating Manners

In Dating Manners, you learn how to prepare for a date and how to present the best version of yourself in the way that will be best received by the person you’re with. Oftentimes these behaviors seem obvious, yet without preparation and conscious effort, we forget to practice them.

Episode 6: Respect Yourself

In this episode, drill down into understanding how alive and asleep respect is inside of you, and how this can be contributing to disrespect in your relationship life. The Respect Yourself episode will give you the support to make a positive shift in your receptivity to more respect.

S3 Episode 7: The Sexual Ego

This episode reveals deeper truths on the nature of the relationship between sex and the ego and gives you insights to harness it positively for a fulfilling sex life.

Episode 8: Sexual Empowerment

This episode reveals the nature of the relationship you can have with sex and the empowerment you want to love fully as a sexually confident and skilled lover.

Episode 9: Conscious Sex

In this episode, You will discover the conscious alternative practices for positive sexual engagement that will increase self esteem, confidence and successful outcomes.

Episode 10: In Sync

When you are in sync, you feel the capacity to be spontaneous, playful, sexy and can drop in to share intimately. In this episode, discover techniques to get unstuck when thwarted by discord in a relationship.

Episode 11: Truth Telling

Sharing honestly can’t succeed without healthy delivery. And that takes skill! Use the Truth Telling episode to share honestly and successfully about what you feel inside.

Episode 12: Romantic Chemistry

It isn’t luck that you have romantic chemistry but techniques that you can learn to utilize. With Romantic Chemistry, find out how to set off fabulous fireworks for you and a partner to enjoy.