Using Goddess Energy…In Bed

4. Bask in the devotion you receive.

It’s powerful to love someone with the generosity of an all-knowing, all-loving goddess. But make sure you pause to receive just as much as you give. If there’s anything a goddess is good at, its balance. Creation is giving. Worship is receiving. Allow your partner to ‘worship’ you and be present in the moment. Let your love rise to new heights with elevated mindfulness. Your needs may be slow to manifest, but manifest they will. Infuse your actions with loving intention.

Let the magic of the moment take over your whole mind, body and spirit.

Or, in less reverent terms: f*cking enjoy yourself. Or enjoy f*cking yourself. Either one. Or Both. Definitely try both.

5. Begin and end with gratitude.

As with any ritual, conscious lovemaking should be an act of connected, mutual appreciation. Take time to thank your higher selves (and each other) for the magic of your bodies. It’s fantastic to feel comfortable in your skin. Celebrate it as an accomplishment – because that’s what pleasure is! Staying truly present and connected is an achievement to be proud of. In these chaotic and distracted times, attention is a valuable gift. Offer presence, acknowledgment and gratitude towards those you care about. That’s how magic works.

Congratulations, Goddess.

You are the bearer of karma. Every ounce of light, care, compassion and devotion that comes your way (from yourself or others) will be reflected outward. Whether you’re with a long-term lover or you’re initiating a brand-new devotee, unleashing your goddess energy in bed can be rewarding – even life changing.

So go forth and conquer, queens (and kings!). Let the love commence.

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Using Goddess Energy…In Bed

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