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Using Goddess Energy…In Bed

– There are thousands more to choose from.

Again, these are only a few well-known examples. I’ve chosen these babes in particular for their distinctly sexy reputations…but there are a multitude of queens to choose from. And if existing mythology doesn’t float your boat… feel free to let your inner goddess inspire something new.

2. Set the mood.

Which colors, scents, flavors and elements correspond with your inner Goddess? There are many ways to invoke this energy within you. You can choose from the elements that directly correspond with your goddess, or mix and match according to your tastes. Basking in your goddess’ favorite things could take role-playing to a whole new level…or, at the very least, set your mood at its higher vibration. Even if you keep this practice to yourself, the benefits to invoking your chosen deity will boost your confidence and raise the quality of your energy.

There’s something deeply satisfying in having a goddess rock your world…especially when that goddess is you.

3. Give zero f*cks about what your body looks like.

Does Aphrodite complain that her lower abs aren’t all that ‘defined?’ Is Freya anxious about how her butt looks in that falcon cloak? Does Isis worry if her upper arms jiggle when she spreads her badass wings? The simple answer is HELL no. You are a human spirit BEING, assembled from stars by nature and built to make life happen. Your true identity is infinitely more valuable than whatever unnatural image the magazines use to sell you products. You deserve to be worshipped for your imperfections, and not in spite of them.

Own your goddess energy, lovers. Flaunt that cosmic sass with every curve and edge of you. Your divinity is more powerful than you think.