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Using Goddess Energy…In Bed

Aphrodite, Beautiful greek blonde woman, mythology, dressed in w– Freya:

This bad babe is the Norse goddess of love, magic, fertility, war and death. Her preferred mode of transportation is a chariot pulled by two cats. Hot, I know. As if that’s not enough, Freya shape-shifts with a falcon cloak, takes multiple lovers when she feels like it, and rules the afterlife…like a total badass. Her skills are called upon in matters of fertility, love and conquest. Get it, girl.

Element: Air or Fire / Colors: Red, Gold, Green, Black / Mineral: Amber / Aphrodisiacs: Strawberry, Daisies


This Egyptian goddess rules the throne, literally. She’s a faithful partner, loving mother, and powerful queen whose powers lie in magic and nature. In ancient myths, after the murder of her dear husband, Isis literally reassembled him and then gave birth to their son. Isis is the goddess of the dead, fertility, motherhood, love and magic.

Colors: Emerald, Turquoise, Teal / Mineral: Ruby / Aphrodisiacs: Lillies, Incense, Gold

– Ishtar:

She’s the Babylonian goddess of sex, love and war (funny how often those three go together). She is said to encompass the whole energy of womanhood, possessing nurturing qualities as well as fierce independence, strong intuitive wisdom and unbridled freedom in sex. This goddess has a close connection with the moon and stars…so look up after sunset and get to know her.

Fun fact: she famously ‘destroyed’ a number of her lovers after she was done with them. If you’re feeling slightly kinky…Ishtar knows her business.

Element: Fire, Water / Colors: Black, Indigo, Violet / Mineral: Copper / Aphrodisiacs: Savory Foods, Wine, Jewelry, Silk