True Love Lessons with Sierra

Are you struggling to find LOVE?

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Watch as Sierra Mercier:

  1. Shares her wedding (The First Winner of ‘the Knot’ Dream Wedding).
  2. Discusses tips on how to be successful in finding LOVE.
  3. Shares the ‘True LOVE Lessons’.

True Love Lessons with Sierra: When You Know, You Know

How do you “know” if someone is the right person for you?


Watch as Sierra Mercier:

  1. Shares her wedding (The First Winner of ‘the Knot’ Dream Wedding).
  2. Discusses, ‘When you know, you know.’ How do you “know” if someone is the right person for you?
  3. Shares the ‘True LOVE Lessons’.



Andre and I had the opportunity this winter to travel through Canada celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, where we combined our artistic talents to create “Butterfly” in stunning Lake Louise, Alberta.

The concept for Butterfly came to me when I saw a pair of beautiful, hand painted silk wings at an art fair. I immediately pictured in my mind how exquisite they would be floating across the ice. Since figure skating has been such a huge part of my life, it’s always been a dream to skate on a frozen lake. I thought, what better place to become a butterfly on ice than a frozen lake!

The meaning and symbolism of Butterfly is “transformation”. “My goal with this film was to express how everyone of us has the ability to reveal our butterfly self. If we go inward and awaken to our true nature, we can transform into the most beautiful version of ourselves; similar to the metaphor of winter always changing to spring There may be parts of us or things in our lives that feel cold, challenging, dormant, frozen but the laws of nature tell us that Spring never fails to follow Winter, and therefore, we have the potential to emerge from our cocoon, spread our beautiful wings and fly with more vibrancy and love to express in our lives.”

Become a Butterfly with us.

Relationship Games and How to Break the Cycle: True Love Lessons with Sierra

Watch as Sierra Mercier and her husband Andre give us ‘True Love Lessons’…

sierra and andre

Sierra and Andre discuss:

  1. Relationship or dating games and some examples.
  2. Tips on how to break the cycle.
  3. Starting a long-term relationship with your partner.

Do you believe true love exist? I do.

I’m Sierra. My husband Andre and I were the first couple to win the Knot Dream Wedding.

Follow me as I share how I attracted True Love into my life.

I’ll share tips and stories that will help open your heart to all of love’s possibilities.

We’re going to share lots of love stories…

Don’t play games!

Sierra: Well, for a chance…

We’ve all been there before. Trying to play the games of relationships…

I am not going to call for three days. Otherwise, I can come too eager… No! Stop playing games.

Are you looking for a real, solid relationship? Let the person you’re interested in know right upfront. Examine what you want.

Scare someone away? They’re not the right person for you.

Here’s an example… For most of my dating life, I’m used to ‘go with the flow’ type. I’d start to like someone and think to myself, we’ll just see what happens. Go with the flow. Wrong!

After several instances, of these leading to disappointment, I decided: First, I was ready for a long-term relationship and second, I was going to let the next person I date know right upfront.

When I met Andre, the very first time he kissed me, I told him I was ready for a relationship. And if he wasn’t, that’s okay. We’ve make great friends.

Andre: That caught me a little off guard but I appreciated her honesty and I had a really good feeling about it. So, I said – alright, I’m ready for a relationship too.

Sierra: We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend one week later.

Saying what you want right from the get go will save you precious time, painful heartache and will lead out toads from the prince charmings.

Tune in next time for more True Love Lessons with Sierra…

Andre: …and Andre

Sierra: Love you.

Andre: Love you.

True Love Lessons from Sierra: Be Yourself

Do you believe true love exist? I do.

I’m Sierra. My Husband Andre and I were the first couple to win Knot Dream Wedding.

Follow me as I share how I attracted true love into my life. I’ll share tips and stories that help open your heart to all love’s possibilities.

We’re going to share lots of love stories.

Episode 5. Be Yourself.

Hola from Costa Rica!

sierra mercierThe right person for you is going to fall in love with you for who you are just as you are. We know that when we first start seeing someone, we all put on our best face and for good reason.

You want to show that person your best self. That’s all good. But if you continue to be anyone than yourself, you may end up attracting the wrong person. Me personally, I’m kind of a goofball. In past failed relationships, I often tried to be what I thought that person wanted me to be. Which wasn’t myself.

Or, I’d try to be myself, and it’d turned that person off. With Andre however, we were living as roommates so I had no choice but just be myself right from the beginning. I really think that’s what allowed him to fall in love with me just as I am. Not me pretending to be who I thought he wanted me to be. But just silly me!

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From around the world!

True Love Lessons from Sierra: Honesty Is the Best Policy

sierra mercier

Secrets are like weeds. They might seem small and harmless, but over time they grow.

I’m Sierra. My husband Andre and I were the first couple to win The Knot’s Dream Wedding. Follow me as I share how I attracted true love into my life. I’ll share tips and stories that help open your heart to all love’s possibilities. Please watch or read the full transcript of my video below.

We’re going to share lots of love stories.

Ola! Mi Amigos! From Peru! “Honesty Is the Best Policy.” “The Truth Will Set You Free.” These might be oldies but they’re goodies.

This subject can be hard to accept sometimes but deep down, in my heart of hearts, I know it to be true. In order to have the fullest, most loving, successful relationship you need to be completely honest about everything.

Once you’re in a long term, committed relationship there’s no keeping secrets.

Secrets are like weeds. At first they might seem small and harmless, but over time those weeds grow and get bigger. The longer time goes by, the harder it is to yank the roots out. So it’s best just to be honest from the start.

I learned this the hard way.

Once upon a time, I kept something from Andre because I thought it would upset him. Over time it began to fester and pain me. It was difficult to come out and be truthful but once I did I felt so much better and it made me never want to keep anything from him again.

Having an honest relationship has allowed for trust to build and a relationship built on trust is powerful!

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‘The Knot Dream Wedding’ Winner’s First Love Lesson? Love Yourself.

Do you believe true love exist? I do.

I’m Sierra. My husband Andre and I were the first couple to win “The Knot Dream Wedding.”

Follow me as I share how I attracted true love into my life. In my new “True Love Lessons” video series, I’ll share tips and stories that help open your heart to all love’s possibilities.

Lesson No. 1: Love Yourself!

This is probably the most important “Love Lesson” of them all because if we don’t love ourselves how can we love anyone else?

Loving yourself is an ongoing lifelong lesson that requires continued work. There are levels and layers to self love. Recognizing my value was one of the layers in my own self love journey.

As I continue to work on this lesson, I’ve discovered that accepting myself and forgiving myself are other layers, too.

There are many layers to this ever evolving lesson but it’s never too late to start finding out ways in which to show yourself love. It may come in the form of a spiritual practice, healthy eating, exercising, or even something as simple as hugging yourself everyday and saying, “I love you [your name here].”

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a lifelong lesson but one that holds the key to the door of infinite love!

Stay tuned for more “True Love Lessons” with me, Sierra, from “The Knot Dream Wedding.”

We’re going to share lots of love stories.

But in the meantime, read up on some strategies to love yourself through journaling or this emotional piece on how to stop “shrinking” yourself in a relationship.

A True Love Confession About Learning Love

I have a confession, a true love confession, I want you to know that I’m learning these lessons along the way with you. I’m not a love guru, my lessons are not the answers, they’re just what’s worked for me and has helped open my life up to receiving love.

I’m also actively applying these lessons to my own relationship. I hope that you’re able to apply these lessons to your relationships, and please let me know what’s working for you, what’s not, and if there’s anything you’re seeking in love that I haven’t talked about yet. Let’s learn and love together!

Tune in next time, for more True Love Lessons, and confessions, with Sierra!


How a Little Bit of Appreciation Can Change Everything in Love


True Love Lessons: Appreciation

I believe it has the ability to transform and heal ANYTHING!

Appreciation in a partnership is something that can revolutionized your relationship.

Do you ever find yourself dwelling on the things you feel your partner did wrong or maybe didn’t do at all? The next time one of those thoughts arises immediately turn your focus to something you appreciate about your partner. The more you do this, the more all you will see are the things you appreciate.

This little exercise isn’t meant to replace dialogue or communication in any way. It’s only meant to get your mind in the mode of appreciating. Which, like I mentioned earlier can TRANSFORM AND HEAL ANYTHING!

You can incorporate appreciation into every aspect of your life. Appreciate your body and all the incredible workings it contains.

..the safe roof over your head… the food you put on your table or your clean running water…

…the shoes on your feet…

I promise you, once you get started on this list, it will be pages, and pages long.

Expanding our appreciation causes everything around us to glow with LOVE!

Tune in next time to the ‘True Love Lessons and Confessions with Sierra’.


True Love Lessons with Sierra: Self-Worth


self worth

This lesson keeps popping up for me and those around me, so let’s jump in!

What does it mean to have self-worth?

I believe it means discovering AND believing in your deep inherent value, which in turn, gives you a standard of how you deserve to be treated.

Know that you, just as you are, are a rare and precious jewel with unlimited love to give.

Recognizing that is what polishes your inner jewel making you sparkle from the inside out!

Self-worth is interconnected with self-confidence and self-respect.

These 3 powerhouse energies COMBINED are certain to help you attract an excellent match!

Tune in next time for more True Love Lessons & Confessions with Sierra.

True LOVE Confessions by Sierra Mercier

Time for a confession…

I haven’t always been lucky in love. I mean, let’s be honest, few of us are. Love is a quest that requires training, it requires patience, and usually it involves devastating heartbreak. But it’s how we bounce back, it’s what we do with our circumstances that determines victory or defeat.


sierra mercier-confessions

When I was younger, I didn’t recognize my value, and this caused me to be vulnerable to situations where my value was taken advantage of. I was physically and sexually abused by a peer of the opposite sex, and I was sexually abused and assaulted by someone I trusted, someone in a position of authority, someone I looked up to.

Though the road to healing from these wounds has been long and windy, it’s my outlook, and choice to turn poison into medicine that’s enabled me to really work on loving myself, recognizing my value, and thus attracting the type of love that I truly deserve.

Girls, women, sisters… please hear me! Each and every one of you is a Goddess. Feel into that power, fuel that power with self love, self respect, and then share that love with the world. I promise you that if you do this, you will attract the most loving, healthy, happy relationships.

Decide What You Want

This lesson can be applied to more than just your love life, but since this is True Love Lessons, decide; what kind of relationship do you want?

decide what you want

This was a key component in attracting the type of relationship I wanted.

A few years ago I decided that I was ready for a long term, committed relationship. I was tired of dating around, and annoyed with the wishy-washy types, so I proclaimed to the Universe exactly what I wanted.. I also decided that I would be upfront and honest about what I wanted with any prospective partners. (see episode 4) Within a year’s time, that long-term committed relationship manifested!

If you’re thinking, “But what if I don’t feel ready for a relationship, I just know I want more love in my life?” Whatever it is you want, be clear, be specific, and be honest.

When you paint the picture of your desired relationship, it opens the doors for you to meet the right mate.

Touched by God’s Tentacle

It was like making contact with an extraterrestrial, that moment when a wild octopus reached one of its eight arms of supreme intelligence out to hold my hand for a moment. If you thought drugs were the link to ecstasy, I would bet all my life’s adventures on this moment being a truly peak ecstatic experience.
snorkelingMy husband and I were snorkeling in a highly sought-after destination, Le Jardin de Corail, The Coral Garden, off the coast of Taha’a, an island in French Polynesia. Sandwiched in between two motus, two small bits of land, in the pacific ocean, is a lush underwater oasis rich with thriving hard corals, anemones, colorful clams and bright exotic fish that seem so used to being gawked at by lazy swimmers floating along on the current’s dime that they have no problem swimming up to you and along with you.
I’d heard a fellow guest of the Le Taha’a Resort mention that he saw an octopus in the coral garden, so I said to my husband, “Oh I hope we get to see the octopus!”
snorkelingWe were nearing the end of our second self-guided garden tour when I spotted it! A medium-sized reddish octopus clinging to some coral. I got my husband’s attention and we casually drifted over to observe this otherworldly creature. A minute or so later I spotted another octopus, completely camouflaged nearby. This second octopus seemed a bit more shy than the first, and in my best octopian translation seemed to be communicating to the first octopus, “Come on, let’s get outta here.” I’ve read that octopuses (which is the true plural of octopus) communicate through the cups along their tentacles. It’s how they gather and send information. So in a bizarre acrobatic-dance-like-slow-motion movement, the first octopus reached a tentacle out as far as it could possibly reach in an effort to touch its friend as if to send a message, “Don’t leave, it’s safe to stay.” But before it could make contact, the shy octopus slinked out of sight.
I will refer to the first octopus as she/her from now on.
This friend leaving seemed to cause her some indecision, like a child being torn between wanting to stay and play with a new friend, and leaving the playground with her old friend. So she traveled a little here, a little there, but never fully abandoning our presence. During this whole time I concentrated on putting myself into a meditative state and opening my heart up, sending metta (universal loving kindness) to this divine being. I think the octopus could feel my revealed heart and so she chose to stay put. As I rocked gently side to side in the water’s rhythmic current, I continued to embrace this creature with my entire self in an effort to fuse our energies into one interconnected experience of life. Slowly I reached my hand out toward the octopus and left it there letting her know that I am open for contact and energetically sent the message, “I see you, we are one.” I was willing to stay there as long as it took to receive an answer, even if that answer was a rejection and a slipping away. Perhaps this special creature understood that I was simply grateful to share space with her and revel in her dignified essence, and so she allowed us to be and exist with her.
After about 8 minutes that felt like they held eternity and yet time had ceased to exist all together, this innocent, intelligent, complex and alien like entity, reached back for me, clasped my fingers with it’s delicate tentacle feelers, and then…. released me.
It was like making contact with God. This infinitely different being from myself in all physical ways felt that I understood our true oneness, and therefore reached out to touch me, bless me. Is this not the essence of spirituality? Connecting to divine source through oneness unites us with the infinite and blesses us with universal wisdom.
snorkelingI could have spent all day with this magical enchantress, but my life exists a world away. I sent the deepest, utmost gratitude and chanted Nam Myoho Renge Kyo three times to bless and protect her as I said my weepy goodbye, my salty tears merging into the salty ocean. I will likely never see her again, and this brings me great sadness. But I feel blessed in knowing that our connection has been woven forever into the fabric of our souls. May you be touched by God’s tentacle someday.