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True Love Lessons from Sierra: Honesty Is the Best Policy

sierra mercier

Secrets are like weeds. They might seem small and harmless, but over time they grow.

I’m Sierra. My husband Andre and I were the first couple to win The Knot’s Dream Wedding. Follow me as I share how I attracted true love into my life. I’ll share tips and stories that help open your heart to all love’s possibilities. Please watch or read the full transcript of my video below.

We’re going to share lots of love stories.

Ola! Mi Amigos! From Peru! “Honesty Is the Best Policy.” “The Truth Will Set You Free.” These might be oldies but they’re goodies.

This subject can be hard to accept sometimes but deep down, in my heart of hearts, I know it to be true. In order to have the fullest, most loving, successful relationship you need to be completely honest about everything.

Once you’re in a long term, committed relationship there’s no keeping secrets.

Secrets are like weeds. At first they might seem small and harmless, but over time those weeds grow and get bigger. The longer time goes by, the harder it is to yank the roots out. So it’s best just to be honest from the start.

I learned this the hard way.

Once upon a time, I kept something from Andre because I thought it would upset him. Over time it began to fester and pain me. It was difficult to come out and be truthful but once I did I felt so much better and it made me never want to keep anything from him again.

Having an honest relationship has allowed for trust to build and a relationship built on trust is powerful!

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