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Decide What You Want

This lesson can be applied to more than just your love life, but since this is True Love Lessons, decide; what kind of relationship do you want?

decide what you want

This was a key component in attracting the type of relationship I wanted.

A few years ago I decided that I was ready for a long term, committed relationship. I was tired of dating around, and annoyed with the wishy-washy types, so I proclaimed to the Universe exactly what I wanted.. I also decided that I would be upfront and honest about what I wanted with any prospective partners. (see episode 4) Within a year’s time, that long-term committed relationship manifested!

If you’re thinking, “But what if I don’t feel ready for a relationship, I just know I want more love in my life?” Whatever it is you want, be clear, be specific, and be honest.

When you paint the picture of your desired relationship, it opens the doors for you to meet the right mate.