‘The Knot Dream Wedding’ Winner’s First Love Lesson? Love Yourself.

Do you believe true love exist? I do.

I’m Sierra. My husband Andre and I were the first couple to win “The Knot Dream Wedding.”

Follow me as I share how I attracted true love into my life. In my new “True Love Lessons” video series, I’ll share tips and stories that help open your heart to all love’s possibilities.

Lesson No. 1: Love Yourself!

This is probably the most important “Love Lesson” of them all because if we don’t love ourselves how can we love anyone else?

Loving yourself is an ongoing lifelong lesson that requires continued work. There are levels and layers to self love. Recognizing my value was one of the layers in my own self love journey.

As I continue to work on this lesson, I’ve discovered that accepting myself and forgiving myself are other layers, too.

There are many layers to this ever evolving lesson but it’s never too late to start finding out ways in which to show yourself love. It may come in the form of a spiritual practice, healthy eating, exercising, or even something as simple as hugging yourself everyday and saying, “I love you [your name here].”

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a lifelong lesson but one that holds the key to the door of infinite love!

Stay tuned for more “True Love Lessons” with me, Sierra, from “The Knot Dream Wedding.”

We’re going to share lots of love stories.

But in the meantime, read up on some strategies to love yourself through journaling or this emotional piece on how to stop “shrinking” yourself in a relationship.

About The Author
- Sierra was born in Sun Valley, Idaho where she began a successful competitive figure skating career. Eventually she transitioned to a career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles where she met her loving husband. See more about Sierra at www.sierramercier.com.