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Why There’s No Such Thing as Casual Sex

I invite you not to confuse being in a relationship or being married with intimacy.  There are many people in relationships and marriages who have the most casual sex of all.

So I invite you to ponder some questions about your own sexual expression.  They key to changing what isn’t working in our lives is to become self-aware, WITHOUT JUDGMENT.  When you can observe your behaviors around your sexuality, you will develop more intimacy with yourself, which can only lead to a more intimate experience with others.

How are you currently doing sex?  Do you choose sexual partners that you have a connection with outside of just physical chemistry?  Do you have a sex drive, or is it asleep?  Do you have too much sex with people who are basically strangers?  How do you feel after sex in that scenario?  When was the last time you felt close to someone after sex and wanted to stay with them?  Do you often feel empty and lonely after sex?  If you’re married or in relationship, these same questions apply to you!  What do you long for in your sexuality?  Not the fantasy acts, but through your heart and desire for love and real connection?  Do you have a lot of different sexual partners?  How conscious and present are you in your own emotional world?  Are you blocking feelings you don’t want to feel?  Do you use sex to unplug from your painful inner world?

I strive to open windows and doors inside you that will allow you to live your own authentic life.  I hope these questions will make you dig down inside and re-evaluate your relationship to yourself and your sexuality.

And as I mentioned before, please read my blog post, The Vulnerability and Wisdom of the Vagina.  It will open many more doors and windows in both women and men on this topic and invite you to view sex as much more than a casual experience.

I’ve recently partnered with Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut, to do a series of videos and upcoming retreats and webinars on the idea of sexual healing, and bringing true intimacy to men and women through our sexuality in a real world marriage of sacred sexuality and practical tools.  Sexuality is physicality, consciousness and love, so stay tuned and follow us as we begin the dialogue around this essential aspect of our lives and invite you to post questions for us to explore in our videos.  Here’s the link to our first video. Troy is fun, funny, energetic and brings out a different aspect of my energy, so check it out.  He’s also extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of our health and wellness and well-aligned with all my philosophies on alternative health and healing.

Please share this with the men and women that you know so that we can begin to create a sexual healing revolution, so that we can all get high off of each other in a more intimate, connected, self-honoring way.

And PLEASE let me know YOUR THOUGHTS, and leave a comment below!

Much love, blessings, and soul-stirring sex,