Loved and Learned Rather than Loved and Lost

Thank you bad bosses, and entrepreneurship.

Sometimes we need a jerk in our lives to remind us of our own magnificence.  Their Dick Dastardly bad behavior serves to create a glaringly obvious chasm of incompatibilities and this is our queue to grab our gratitude and head for higher ground.  In recognizing what you don’t deserve, you leverage the opportunity to honor what you do.  Say “cheerio” to mediocrity and hello “to this is more like it”.

Thank you for the “I’m really rather fabulous” reminder.

Feeling shitty, fearful, disappointed, or angry requires a lot of energy and prolongs the suffering.  It disempowers you and lowers your vibration and that gets in the way of the good stuff the Universe is trying to dispatch to you.  Be thankful for all of it, especially the value of the lesson.  Spend your gratitude like a Gazillionaire.  It not only eases the pain, but it’ll keep your vibration elevated and aligned with the heartbeat of the Universe, who has a much better plan in store for you.  Be thankful,  love yourself, and the world will thank you, and love you back.

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Loved and Learned Rather than Loved and Lost

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