Loved and Learned Rather than Loved and Lost

Thank you intuition and courage.

Once off the bus you get to fall back in love with yourself.  With all this newly acquired real estate on your calendar, you have more time to spend doing the things that make you unapologetically happy.  Perhaps there are pieces of you strewn along the highway that you set down in an attempt to please others, but not yourself.  If you were too shiny for someone else to handle, set about reclaiming all the pieces of your glorious glitter that make you the magical creature that you are.

Thank you laughter, yoga, Saturday movie matinees, baking, poetry and airplanes.

My closest family member was a 13-hour plane ride away,  but my incredible friends did a spectacular job of filling up my love tank.  My dearest girlfriend Lizzy, called me every single damn day for 8 straight months to sing me the song of my soul when I’d forget.  Call in the Cavalry and allow your friends the opportunity to be their most amazing selves.  Oh, and rescue a dog, their unconditional love actually helps rescue you.

Thank you unlimited voice/text/data plan, Soup Fairy, Lemon Drop Girls & Pickles the dog.

Being of service to others, creates rather a brilliant distraction from your own wallowing and moping.  It does a bang up job of opening the door to perspective, and where it is you actually rank on the spectrum of suffering (as it turns out, I rated pretty low).  I got so into the gig of being of service to others that my career and I headed off into that sunset together and we couldn’t be happier.

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Loved and Learned Rather than Loved and Lost

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