The Secret Code of Hugging

And if he is even doing the same when you are alone then probably you should realize that he is no more interested in you or chances are he is mad at you.

Wait — don’t freak out yet! If this kind of hugs only happens once in a while instead of regular basis then it’s not a red flag. Your guy still loves you. Here are a few probable reasons behind it –

He thumps you to encourage you for something, say you’re going to give a speech or perform in public

If he does this in public. This suggests he isn’t comfortable in showing his love for you before others. So he just tries to keep things casual

Your man is preoccupied and his mind is temporarily elsewhere, say on his iPhone, watching TV, thinking about deliverable at office

It is highly crucial to understand clearly the circumstance before making any perception only following these tips.

Hug With Touching His Head To Yours

In this hug, he touches his head with yours!

This kind of gesture suggests that he wants to merge his thoughts with yours as well. For instance, if it’s a new relationship then he wants you to know him in a better manner and if you’ve been together for a while, he’s ready to get more emotionally and mentally intimate with you.

When you’re in love, you should always listen to your heart. Have trust and patience in your relationship and watch out how his love just grows stronger for you with each passing day!

Hope this article on different types of hugs has helped you know what the guy is trying to say…

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The Secret Code of Hugging

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