Introducing LOVE TV

Welcome to Love TV —a new kind of media source designed to provocatively entertain, engage, and inspire you to enjoy more passionate and meaningful love, sex and intimacy. Whether you are currently single or attached, there is something for everyone here at Love TV.

We each have our own way of approaching, sharing and responding to LOVE. That’s why Love TV is offering diverse and interactive content to support you in expressing yourself fully and creating the LOVE lifestyle you truly want.

At Love TV, we are dedicated to providing you a channel that is not only sexy and fun, but also creating a world-wide ‘love revolution’ that will enrich and elevate LOVE, sex and intimacy as a whole new possibility!

Tune in to Love TV and allow yourself the freedom to explore and soar in love!

LOVE TV Uncovers Fifty Shades of Grey

Inspired by the massive popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey book and upcoming film, we decided it would be fun to launch our platform with a “50 Shades of Grey” theme.

When it comes to LOVE, sex, and intimacy, one size doesn’t fit all. The 50 Shades story and its immense popularity shows us that LOVE, sex, and intimacy can provoke and mean different things to different people.

At Love TV, we’re aware of differences, respecting where YOU as a lover find yourself – your dreams, desires and fantasies about love. We look forward to sharing 50 Shades themed content that will entertain and support you on your adventurous, self-revealing journey in LOVE.

This is just our starting point. Brace yourselves and strap in… there’s more provocation to come!

Fifty Shades of Christmas “Top 5 Sexy Toys” – LOVE TV Exclusive

Not all toys are for tots… the Clauses are game to ‘play’ as they celebrate the season and each other! ….but wait until you see what Santa ultimately wants as his best gift from Mrs. Claus!

This short video is a great reminder that though there are all kinds of ways to play as a couple, it’s important to remember what’s the real deal, at the holidays or anytime. Watch the video to find out!

Warning: For Adults 18+ Only (this is Santa like you’ve never seen him before!).

Watch 2yr Relationship in 5 Minute Video

Everyone cycling through relationships searching for ‘the right one’ knows this story. The characters, stage, and costumes may change but the story is basically the same: from attraction, excitement, connection, and joy to disillusion, boredom, annoyance, argument, and separation. Then, there you are, looking to do the whole thing all over again!

Why can’t we all just find our ‘Ms. or Mr. Right’ and spare ourselves all that agony? Perhaps if we could just somehow know in advance if we’re barking up the wrong tree… A warning would be nice. A label would do. Maybe on a scale like, “Excellent Match, Good Partner but Won’t Last, and DANGER – Escape Quickly with Caution”.

We can gain greater skill at choosing a significant partner wisely and a greater capacity to build meaningful loving relationships. It does require self-reflection and relationship muscles.

Enjoy the process of getting to know yourself and loving your partner.


20 First Kisses (You’ll Feel The Emotions)

It’s almost magical how in this moment, we can think of nothing else—we become so intensely focused on our partner (and ourselves). Our senses are on high alert for what’s to come: how it will feel, taste, smell…

Some people worry, “How’s my hair?”, “I’ll look like a fool afterwards wearing her shade of lipstick!”, and “Do I need a mint???”.

The first kiss. Sometimes we just close our eyes, hold our breath and dive in deep. Sometimes we wonder about it’s meaning and where it will lead. Will it be good, be the last, the first step in a journey of everlasting love, a good time tonight, or nothing at all? Either way we’re committed. We’re here, and we’re going for it. And the funny thing is that no matter what comes of it, we’re likely to remember it – sometimes even every last glorious or grueling detail about it!

If you’re dating you may be experiencing a cycle of first kisses…pay attention, a first kiss can be a great litmus test for whether you have the spark together or not.

If you are in a relationship, you may be wondering how to activate the magic and excitement of the first kiss you shared with your partner. Look at each other, like the first time you wanted to kiss each other. Draw on your memory to remember how it felt. Use your imagination! Recreate the first time all over again – kiss!


Puppy Love – LOVE TV Exclusive

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

If you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, how are you supposed to judge certain bedroom activities without trying them? You’ll never know you won’t like something until you do it yourself, so take a cue from these pups and try something new. Go ahead, don’t be shy!

You’ll Cringe When You See What Happens When This Guy Ignores His Girlfriend’s Texts

Excitement, anticipation, wonder…the first kiss!

Have you ever heard the expression, “A little communication goes a long way”? Boy does it!

“No big deal,” you think… “I’ll talk to her when I get home.” Think again!

By the time you get there, there could be hell to pay. Of course it’s different from person-to-person, but if you know that your partner feels frustrated or insecure when they do not hear from you, it’s time to wake up and smell the ‘electronic communication devices’. It can happen to anyone, really.

A big part of creating and building a healthy relationship is making responsible choices. The choice to communicate consciously is a good one. It could mean the difference between coming home to a receptive, loving partner prepared for an evening of romance and passion, or, an angry bobcat fueling a fire on what was your kitchen table!

Your communication choices make a difference.


Fifty Shades of Ice Cream: Which Flavor Are You Craving? – LOVE TV EXCLUSIVE

When it comes to the bedroom, are you vanilla or chocolate?

It’s the age old dilemma: how do you pick a flavor of ice cream when there are so many to choose from? The good news is perhaps you don’t have to pick! Watch the 50 Shades of Ice Cream video to discover the best of all worlds. Vanilla and chocolate never tasted so good!

10 Do’s and Don’t for Holiday Sex

Let’s face it, despite all the Christmas cheer and magic, the holidays are a stressful time. Whether you’re struggling to find that perfect, last minute gift, navigating packed airports, or trying to maintain your sanity in a sea of relatives, we all need a little something to relieve the tension.

So why not indulge in a little holiday sex?

I know what you’re thinking, getting sexy in your childhood bedroom may not be your ideal, but trust us, it’ll put the zing in your holiday spirit and make the chaos of the holiday season much more palatable. Not only that, but the season of giving is the perfect time for you and your partner to give the gift of each other. After all, that’s the best gift of them all!

Who cares if you need to sneak around a little bit or if your nosey Aunt Deb wants all the salacious details? These 10 tips to navigating the very cool world of holiday sex tackles everything from how to get away from your family, why it’s just as great to give as it is to receive, and that holiday sex can be just as great (if not better than) vacation sex. Follow these suggestions and we promise you’ll spend your Christmas jollier than Santa in his sleigh!

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21 Sex Tips That Science Says Actually Work

If science can help determine how the universe was created, surely it can also help you have mind-blowing sex! If you’re looking for ways to spice it up in the bedroom, these scientifically proven methods will do the trick. Now this is research we’ll gladly conduct!

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