10 Do’s and Don’t for Holiday Sex

Let’s face it, despite all the Christmas cheer and magic, the holidays are a stressful time. Whether you’re struggling to find that perfect, last minute gift, navigating packed airports, or trying to maintain your sanity in a sea of relatives, we all need a little something to relieve the tension.

So why not indulge in a little holiday sex?

I know what you’re thinking, getting sexy in your childhood bedroom may not be your ideal, but trust us, it’ll put the zing in your holiday spirit and make the chaos of the holiday season much more palatable. Not only that, but the season of giving is the perfect time for you and your partner to give the gift of each other. After all, that’s the best gift of them all!

Who cares if you need to sneak around a little bit or if your nosey Aunt Deb wants all the salacious details? These 10 tips to navigating the very cool world of holiday sex tackles everything from how to get away from your family, why it’s just as great to give as it is to receive, and that holiday sex can be just as great (if not better than) vacation sex. Follow these suggestions and we promise you’ll spend your Christmas jollier than Santa in his sleigh!

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10 Do’s and Don’t for Holiday Sex

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