Pushing Your Man to Be Who You Want Him to Be Won’t Change Who He Is

And yes, a duck is just a duck AND Christmas dinner (apologies again) and a feather pillow.  All potential is there.  What we or someone else sees doesn’t limit or define that duck.  Gina is just Gina.  AND  mother and a lover and a writer and a women’s health advocate.  If someone only sees some parts of me doesn’t mean the others don’t exist.  Bu I have to ask myself which on that list matter most for me to share with a man in my life.  If I choose a man who doesn’t see those parts that matter most, he’s probably not right for me.

Or if he realizes it matters to me and OF HIS OWN VOLITION AND NOT MY FORCING, decides to embrace or explore that with me, it can work.  That’s called growth in a relationship.

If you are a more masculine woman, you will attract a more feminine man.  Polarity is what creates chemistry in a relationship.  People without chemistry are just friends.

So examine your life, are the men you attract more feminine or more masculine?  What do you want?  And the more masculine a man is, the less likely he will love the wordiness that we women are so prone to, but he will give you other yummy things that we long for.  Most of us have a combination of masculine and feminine, with one usually dominant. Which are you and why?

So I think I’ll leave you hanging there, to ponder yourself and all of the above.  If you chose to have a glass of wine or that shot of tequila before sitting down to read this, it may have turned into more than one, so I apologize if you’re now a little tipsy.

Remember, YOU are exquisite and deserve all that you desire.  Believe this with all your heart, go into your feminine essence, and allow it all to come to you.

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With Fierce, wild love,

Gina Cloud

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Pushing Your Man to Be Who You Want Him to Be Won’t Change Who He Is

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- GINA CLOUD is a passionate woman and creator of GinaCology.com, a deeply devoted teacher, author, speaker, Natural Beauty and Life Coach, an expert on women’s issues, avid tango dancer, and single mother of a daughter. GinaCology, the overarching concept behind all her work, teaches Gina’s self-created and self-lived principles. Gina has been a guest on many radio programs including Playboy Radio, and is the former host of her own radio show, with over 150 episodes. Gina published her first book: W.O.M.A.N., A New Definition in 2009. She has also been featured as an expert guest on The Ricki Lake Show in September 2012. Gina is also a passionate and inspirational speaker who loves to share her knowledge and wisdom so that all women can love the bodies they live in and love themselves from the inside out. She is passionate about information as it relates to our lives as women, and finding ways to honor and celebrate the feminine wisdom, power and sexuality we possess, as well as helping men and women come together in relationships that honor and celebrate our inherent differences.