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Learn Key Signals to Read Body Language

Body Language is Communication

Body language is a two-way process. They may not be aware of it but, just as in a verbal conversation, much of your date’s body language is a direct response to your own behavior. Here is a chance to communicate on a non-verbal level that reaches your date’s subconscious mind. If your own aura is set to block out messages, then however hard your date is trying, his or her messages won’t come across. You, the receiving end, can learn how to be open and welcoming, how to throw off all unnecessary barriers. Then your mutual body language interaction becomes a true and honest conversation.

Do not fake it. Many public figures trained in good body language come across as fake. With motionless hands, unblinking eyes and fast speaking lips, they are as unreal as victims of plastic surgery.

Dating Etiquette and Timing

And finally, without respecting plain ordinary dating etiquette, you won’t be asked to date again.

So what is dating etiquette?

  • Focus on your date without distraction.
  • Listen to what your partner is saying.
  • When a thought pops up in your head, do not interrupt.
  • Store your thought until they finish saying what they want to say and listen.

Often the thought you had in mind is no longer relevant by the time your interlocutor has finished speaking. Listening and timing is crucial in effectively interacting with a date.

To Conclude

How to Read Your Date’s Body Language involves awareness of your own body language. Foot kicking and leg twitching and other such involuntary behavior can easily be spotted. In this process we can become aware of our own twitches an eliminate those. Follow good etiquette for a successful dating experience. And lastly, the aura is a great asset in body language. The aura is the spotlight on your personality.

What Have You Experienced?

Have YOU dated someone whose body language obviously contradicted their story? Tell us in a comment.

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