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Learn Key Signals to Read Body Language

To check up on your awareness of your date’s body language, ask yourself the following six questions.

Six Questions

1. The Eyes. Concentrate on the eyes, where do they focus? Are they evasive, looking away or wide open, making friendly eye contact with you?

2. Direction. Which direction is your date facing? A are you sitting side by side, each facing your own way like equal buddies? Or is your date facing you in opposition?

3. Openness. Is your date’s posture and position open, welcoming, assertive and approachable or closed up, frightened and introvert?

4. Twitching. Does your date have involuntary twitches, like aimless foot kicking or leg twitching without being aware of it? Or chewing on the fingers or nails? Or other irritating unconscious habits?

5. Honesty. Does your date’s body language agree or contradict what the person is saying? Like the politician who says: “We are giving the issue utmost priority!” sitting cross-legged inadvertently kicking the issue away with the twitch of a kicking foot.

6. Compatibility. And finally, does the date’s body language synchronize with your own, or do they move in opposition, against your positions, directions faced, and movements?

Who is going to be wearing the pants in this potential future relationship?

Who is going to be wearing the pants in this potential future relationship?

Source: Sue Adams