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Learn Key Signals to Read Body Language

Confidence Versus Shyness

Someone who feels good in their body, is confident, open, well centered and physically balanced, is more likely to be good potential for a possible future relationship. If, on the other hand, the date is shy, introvert, sits all hunched up, looking beaten down and afraid of life, perhaps that date is a no-no. Of course there are extreme cases at both ends of the spectrum. A loud-mouthed, over-confident, boasting date with an almost violent style body language will, in the long run, probably turn out to become a control freak. A shy person, on the other hand, may have some characteristic treasures in store yet to be discovered. The fine nuances to look for may be found by looking at how someone uses their personal space.

Your Personal Space

You may believe that a person’s body occupies the amount of space it needs from head to toe and as far as the limbs can reach out into space, but it does not stop there. Although that space is fixed by the size of the body and could be measured with a ruler, as soon as you begin to move and act, so your personal space also begins to change and grow or shrink according to how you behave in various circumstances. So while you are studying your date’s body language, be well aware of your own. Let us look closer at your personal space, sometimes called the aura.

Rather like a protective bubble all around you,  the aura can reach far beyond the physical limits of the body itself.

Rather like a protective bubble all around you, the aura can reach far beyond the physical limits of the body itself.

Source: Sue Adams

The Aura

The area around the body we use when moving, breathing, speaking, shouting or jumping may project itself far beyond the limits of the physical body itself. It can change in size and density.

You may act big or small and you can, to a certain degree, control who or what enters or has an influence on your personal space, the aura. Expanding your aura involves energy coming from the gut: the whole body, heart and soul. The allure of great actors and the grace of dancers depend on this. You too can do it and grow from within to project your personality outward either to make a statement you feel is important, or to protect yourself from harm. To experience this for yourself practice the two extremes of your personal space: 1. huddle up into a little ball in fright, and 2. take a huge jump in the air with your legs and arms wide open. Somewhere in between, your choice of application of this piece of awareness can be applied to every situation that is presented to you.

For example, when ever standing in a long queue at the airport or in the bank, take a strong stance and impercievably expand the aura. When really bored, you may even imagine taking giant leaps across the waiting hall to pass the time. It really helps keep the queue crowd at a respectable distance.Try it!