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Freeing the Nipple and Intimate Trends

3. Upping The Risk Factor

Who doesn’t love a little adrenaline? We pay to ride roller coasters and get addicted to tattoos, so it makes sense that we’d want a little excitement in our sex lives. According to a study done by LELO, compared to 2012, 2014 was a big year for risky sex. In 2012, their survey reported that 27 percent of women had sex outdoors, while 35 percent tried it in 2014. Only 10 percent of women in 2012 participated in a threesome, compared to the 20 percent who gave it a go just two years later. As for sex tapes, in 2012, only 28 percent had filmed one, while 2014 saw a jump to 52 percent! Having the confidence to try something new is seriously cool — and your partner probably agrees. As long as all parties feel safe and comfortable, a little risk can go a long way.

4. Getting Creative With Birth Control

2015 has already been a big year for male contraceptives. Various kinds are in the works, all of which will allow the burden of accessing and using birth control to be shared. Yay, gender equality! Aaron Hamlin, director of the Male Contraception Initiative, promises that “this is a total game changer,” and I believe him. The long-term, non-hormonal concept that is in the works is anticipated to be out as early as 2018. Plus, there are plenty of condom variations available (and in the making), as well as a vaginal condom with a built-in vibrating ring that sounds like some good old contraceptive fun.

5. Pumping Iron … With Your Vagina

Having strong pelvic floor muscles is very in right now. Venus balls, geisha balls, whatever you want to call them — they’re great for your orgasm. You lube them up and insert them in the vagina, and use those leg and PC muscles to amp up your kegel workout. Now, why exactly would you do that? Because they can help strengthen the vagina, which results in improved sexual performance and more intense orgasms. There are actual apps designed to track your vaginal strength progress, so if you think lifting weights with your vag sounds like a joke, think again.