Why its Important for Busy Moms to Fit in Sex & How

This Mother’s Day are you taking care of all your needs?

Countless studies and surveys show that moms are chronically overworked and under-appreciated, in and out of the bedroom! As a wife, one of the hardest things to do is to fess up that you’d rather sleep or read a good book than have sex.

Most moms have been there: You have those loving moments throughout the day where you think of your man and that maybe after the kids are in bed tonight, you’ll put on that slinky little nightie you’ve had in the dresser and surprise him.

But between the time you have that thought and you’re both settled at home by the end of the day, a hundred things have happened, along with a hundred mood shifts, and you’re tapped out long before the kids’ bedtime even rolls around.

Mothers are natural caregivers who often make the mistake of forgetting to give to themselves and their relationships, too. But a happy mom makes for a happier relationship and family—and having enough sex is a large part of having a fulfilled sense of self. So here’s how you can have more sex as a busy mom (and three reasons why you should make it a priority).

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Why its Important for Busy Moms to Fit in Sex & How

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