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8 Facts About The Female Orgasm Everyone Should Know

The Female Orgasm is not as mysterious as we once thought….

Ah yes, the female orgasm. What a mysterious and wonderful gift from Mother Nature to women everywhere.

A new video from Wired explains the ins and outs of the female orgasm and how women reach climax both physically and chemically. Unlike the male orgasm that’s “an explosive affair,” as the video states, women’s orgasms work behind closed doors leaving us many times in the dark about what’s actually happening during climax.

To help out with this confusion, here are eight facts about the female orgasm:

1. The clitoris has a whole lot of nerve endings — approximately 8,000 give or take.

2. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. (It takes work, people.)

3. Some women can even orgasm just from kissing. Kissing is basically magic.

4. A woman’s pain threshold can increase up to 107 percent during climax.

More Mysteries of the Female Orgasm unveiled on the next page…