8 Facts About The Female Orgasm Everyone Should Know

The Female Orgasm is not as mysterious as we once thought….

Ah yes, the female orgasm. What a mysterious and wonderful gift from Mother Nature to women everywhere.

A new video from Wired explains the ins and outs of the female orgasm and how women reach climax both physically and chemically. Unlike the male orgasm that’s “an explosive affair,” as the video states, women’s orgasms work behind closed doors leaving us many times in the dark about what’s actually happening during climax.

To help out with this confusion, here are eight facts about the female orgasm:

1. The clitoris has a whole lot of nerve endings — approximately 8,000 give or take.

2. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. (It takes work, people.)

3. Some women can even orgasm just from kissing. Kissing is basically magic.

4. A woman’s pain threshold can increase up to 107 percent during climax.

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Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm

When it comes to answering questions about sexual pleasure, Dr. Lori Buckley of the Sinclair Institute knows it all. This time around she discusses the G-Spot and the best sex position to orgasm.

Female Orgasm. Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction.

‘The orgasm is no longer a mere biological function used in procreation, nor the side effect of casual pleasure … it is the very centre of the human experience and ultimately determines the happiness of the human race.’ says Wilhelm Reich

Sexuality and orgasm are widely influenced by past experiences, relationships with others, the culture in which we live, combined with the biochemical reactions in our bodies.

In western culture these factors are not discussed widely or openly enough and women are left to discover and explore their own sexuality based on the idea that we should be able to reach sexual pleasure and orgasm easily and frequently.

The fact is, no two women share the same experience of desire or even the same orgasmic pattern. Misconceptions about the “right” way to have an orgasm and expectations about normal libido leave many women feeling inadequate.

Education and greater awareness of the importance of sexuality and orgasm is needed in order for there to be less confusion and uncertainty, and more pleasure and understanding.

Women from a young age should be encouraged to talk to their friends and family about their sexuality and have access to holistic information that can help them grow and learn as sexually aware women.



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Female Orgasm Myths, Debunked

Jenny Block just busted a few myths about female orgasms.

Block, sex expert and author of the new book O Wow, sat down with HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on Oct. 28 to discuss how women can achieve more orgasms and to debunk a few age-old myths about climaxing.

“For a [straight] woman needing clitoral stimulation, preferably external clitoral stimulation, if you’re just doing a little bit of the old in and out you’re probably no where near the clit,” Block said.

Sex that is designed to put sperm inside of the woman’s body is not necessarily designed for a woman to have an orgasm, and yet we keep having that sex.”

The number one myth Block said she’d like to dispel about the female orgasm is that most women climax without clitoral stimulation. “If you really want a full on hard-core orgasm there needs to be external clitoral stimulation,” she said. “That’s all there is to it.”

Block later added that, contrary to popular opinion, safe sex doesn’t ruin sex: “Enthusiastically-consented safe sex is the most fun because you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Sounds good to us.

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