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Italians do it better! Or shall I say, men from a foreign country do it better, or do they?

They say Italians do everything better: style, fashion, food, art, fun and yes, SEX. We can generalize all we want, but somewhere within lies the truth. So what is their secret? Why do they do it better?

The secret ingredient is Confidence. Italian men are confident and self-assured. They dress the part, they look the part, they act the part and they also smell the part (I have to tell you, a good smelling man can flip the switch, if you know what I mean!). They walk out the door with “I am the MAN!” written on their forehead and just make it happen. Even the guys who are not as handsome carry themselves like they are God’s gift to women. Well, are they?

If you are a single woman in America and you are tired of dating American men who fall short (sorry guys, but someone has to call it like it is), you might want to open yourself up to new adventures and maybe a new kind of man. This is what many single women are doing to find Love. Men who are raised in a foreign country, whether it is Italy or not, do dating and relationships differently (you can get your proof at and follow the dating adventures of 4 women around the world to really see the differences. One of the ladies will be joining me to do just that on my trip to Italy this June, What will her experience be?), so let me give you the 3 main differences you might encounter when dating men from a foreign country:

Two wineglasses. Varenna town at the lake Como, Italy

1. Wine and Dine: Men all over the world wine and dine the women they go out with without any qualms about whether they are going to get some or not. It is in their blood. Most of them are raised with the notion that a woman needs to be treated right no matter what. Here is an example. When I go back to Italy no matter who I am with, whether it is a date with romantic intensions or not, the man will always offer to pay for dinner or whatever it is and they don’t even want you to offer to pay (trust me I tried and I gotten the typical “forgettaboutit” with an evil look). In America, I have had men actually ask me to split the bill, even though they are the ones who asked me out and especially when it is just a friendship meeting. No, no, no boys, where are your manners!