Sexual Reboot Travel, the Latest Trend for Couples

Types of sex retreats that one could opt for

All these retreats are hosted at some of the most picturesque locales around the world. The ambiance plays a pivotal role here.

For modest couples

This is for those couples who are reserved and do not wish to disclose their sexual inhibitions to others. Every session has four to six couples who face similar sexual issues that they wish to address. There is no nudity or touch involved in this retreat, however there are homework assignments that need to practised in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

For those looking to revive passion

This retreat is usually for those couples who have been together for a while and find the intimacy missing. With the help of sexologists and motivational speakers, these couples try to identify the reasons that have damaged their intimacy. The sessions include activities based on touch, expression and rituals that are designed to arouse intimacy and to achieve a more connected sexual relationship.

For those who are new

The morning sessions that are usually conducted near pools or beaches help couple shed their sexual inhibitions, especially those couples who are struggling to establish an emotionally sexual connect with each other. The afternoons and evenings are left free for the couple to explore on their own for better results.

For those who wish to achieve sexual nirvana

This retreat uses reiki healing, meditation, massage to help couples achieve a deeper emotional connect and elevated experience of lovemaking. This session helps in improving their romance, intimacy, trust and communication and achieve a relationship balance for better sex life.

For those who want to do more

With a series of yoga sessions, this retreat is for those who wish to explore more. With meditation, yoga, sex toys and playful activities, this retreat allows couples to explore some of the most untrodden paths in achieving a deeper understanding with their partners and share ultimate sexual pleasure.

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Sexual Reboot Travel, the Latest Trend for Couples

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