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Sexual Reboot Travel, the Latest Trend for Couples

Among the various travel trends that are predicted to rule 2016, sexual well-being resorts are in the forefront.

While wellness is something that most people would focus on this year, sexual well-being becomes an increasingly popular part of vacations and spa treatments for most couples around the world. This could be for reasons like — ignite the fire again, address sexual dysfunction or to explore individual sexuality, without inhibitions. Here’s a lowdown on what you could expect at one of these resorts, or the planned retreats that happen at some of the most sensuous and picturesque locations around the world.

Activities at a sexual well-being resort Sex talk

This is for those couples who are shy and do not feel comfortable talking about sex — be it talking about their sensitive parts or some of their most intimate desires. The activities will encourage them to indulge in talking about their likes and dislikes when it comes to lovemaking. Through active sex talk, this activity is aimed at helping them know each other’s body well and deepen their sexual and emotional connections.

Perfecting the art

There are activities that would help you learn the art of starting a kickass lovemaking session. While men would learn how to reciprocate a sexual action and find ways to help the women feel at ease, women are taught to perfect the art of striptease with a burlesque dance instructor. In fact, there are sessions that also indulge couples to feel body positive around each other, and learn to touch each other at pulse points to ignite arousal.

Massage therapies

Couple massages are a must for most couples, when it comes to leisure travel. It is also an important element of sexual wellness — deep penetrating strokes and pleasurable touches relieve stress as well as releases several pleasure hormones. Massages are a great way to heat up foreplay and boost your sex drive. In fact, most of these sessions allow the couple to indulge in self massage, there are instructors who guide them stroke by stroke to learn effective sequences that could help better their experience. Starting with foot and hand massages to relieve stress, and proceeding to a deep back and shoulder massage for ultimate relaxation and finally the secret butt massage for profound pleasure and incredible arousal.

Overcoming issues

These sessions involve talkers and healers who help couples get over their sexuality issues. Similarly, they also have detailed sessions with experts who advice on therapeutic solutions to the several sexual dysfunctions faced by couples. Most of these therapies are Ayurvedic and based on various tantras of Yoga, which help in their healing.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

One of the most widely practised form of Yoga, Kundalini Tantra Yoga has a detoxifying effect on the body and mind. It involves a unique set of postures and dynamic breathing along with a serpent-like movement of the spine and pelvis. “The movements make the body enter a meditative space where the body and mind easily surrender blockages and tensions. Tantra is the balancing and union of polarities within the mind and body. And, it is this intimacy and union with the self that allows one to be more intimate with others, which is why it is a great way to ignite the fire within,” adds Kushal Chandra, a yoga practitioner.