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San Francisco Rules for Your Romance and Sex Life

In the last month we asked couples what are their favorite romantic things to do in San Francisco or just at their own home… We got many creative and unique responses! Therefore, we collected 15 of the best ideas and summarized them for you. Most of the information we provide below is published online, please check the details when you plan the activities.

Cozy, romantic and fun in your own living room

1. Home picnic

Too cold to go out? Surprise your partner with organizing a picnic… in your home (or plan it together with them).

Preparation: Put a log in the fireplace, or heat up the place, set up a blanket on the floor, throw on some pillows. Place some candles all around your picnic area.

Food ideas:  A loaf of crusty bread, crackers, fresh butter, a sharp cheddar cheese and a soft brie, strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream, an antipasto platter with cured meats such as rolled up salami, large pepperonis, prosciutto and  bowl of olives.

Drinks: A bottle of wine or a good cocktail, also make sure you have a bottle of water ready.

Make it sensual:  Cover your partner eyes with a tie and begin feeding him/her the picnic’s foods ever so slowly with your fingers. Ask them to guess what they are eating. When they had enough, it’s your partner’s turn to feed you.

2. Play a childhood game…

Be cozy in your living room couch, order pizza, uncork a bottle of wine, and teach your partner how to play your favorite old-school card game or board game. Breaking out the old board games or dipping into your child’s stash can actually make you two feel closer.

3. Play sexy….

Ready for some sexy, intimate time? If you want to spice things up here are nine different sexy games…So don’t think too much, be playful. Before you start, make sure you light a candle!

Be playful in your environment

4. Play strangers in your own town

Have you noticed that when you live in a certain place you forget to actually enjoy it? Pretend you are tourists in San Francisco, spend an afternoon exploring the city or your own town, having lunch/dinner at a cool bistro you’ve never been to (because it’s full of tourists) take a tour in one of the neighborhoods or have your picture taken together by a town landmark. If you want to make it more interesting – meet at a certain location and pretend that you are two strangers meeting each other for the first time (be curious and ask all the first date questions, and…be creative). It will be like going back to the beginning.

5. Visit Lands End

Lands End is the best hike in San Francisco, with great views of the bay and Marin headlands. It’s hard to believe you are in the City. Right in the beginning of the trail there is a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The main trail is about 1.5 miles and it deviates in some parts -some go up to the golf course and some down to the beach area, so give yourself time to explore…

The Labyrinth is located at the bottom of the stairs out of the main path, so look out for that because you do NOT want to walk past it. It also leads to a ledge that looks out over the pacific and has an incredible unobstructed view of the bridge.

Seal Rock Dr & El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, CA 94101

6. A Romantic outlook: Grand View Park

Grand view park has stunning views stretching from downtown San Francisco and Golden Gate Park to Pt. Reyes and around to Lake Mercer, where you get a majestic view of the north and west side of San Francisco.

Home of the prettiest staircase in SF; the Funston and Moraga mosaic stairs feature bits of glass and ceramic fish, flowers, bats, squirrels, and birds. Each set of stairs leads to another and you can’t help but stop to admire the view in between. At last your trek brings you to the top of the hill, your eyes wide with delight as you take in the view. Once you climb to the top, you will find benches that are perfectly placed. It gets very windy up there, so don’t forget to take a warm jacket and maybe cuddle.

Moraga St & 14th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

7. Cruise the love boat – Visit Stow Lake Boathouse

Is there anything better than spending time on a romantic boat ride with your beloved partner? For an hour you can leisurely make the way around Stow Lake, taking in the scenery…the waterfall, Japanese pagoda, cobblestone bridges, and hundreds of sea turtles, ducks and seagulls. It is highly recommended to bring snacks, drinks and chocolate or go to The café at Stow Lake Boathouse. On the boat ride you can enjoy a cool beer, and discover tons of interesting creatures. It’s also beautiful and relaxing to walk on the hill in the middle of the lake.

Hours Daily 10 am – 5 pm, Boats Rentals stop 1 hour before closing. 50 Stow Lake Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

8. Get a new perspective – Sailing in San Francisco

Sailing at day time or night is an unforgettable romantic experience. There are many companies in San Francisco that offer sailing services, which you can choose from. Tip: sometimes Goldstar offers great deals for sailing.

9. Rolling together – Golden Gate Part Segway Tours

The Segway tour is a great cool way to explore Golden Gate part, discover new areas that you wouldn’t get to by just walking. This is a fun and active thing to do together. If you are more of the cautious type, don’t worry – the Segway maxes out at 10 mph.  The tour itself didn’t feel rushed and you get loads of time to get comfortable on the Segways, check out different parts of the park, and enjoy the atmosphere. At the end of the tour you can have a romantic picnic AND enjoy each other presence…

Tip: you may found some discounts in Groupon. 70 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

10. Trust your partner – Indoor rock climbing

When was the last time you trusted your partner with your life? Rock climbing is a great way to practice trust and communication, some of relationship’s most important skills. Asides from that it’s a fun and exciting activity, so sharing that with you partner is bound to make you feel closer. If you are new to rock climbing you can take a class together and then practice on your own. Here are two locations in San Francisco or beyond Mission Cliffs and Planet Granite.

Indulge your senses 

11. Soak up some advanced sex-ed

Unlike in the past, sex toy stores are becoming a more regular part of the neighborhood scene and plenty offer classes for couples. Don’t worry, you won’t get naked and extra points aren’t awarded for participation; instead, there are lectures on everything from oral sex tips to sexy massage techniques. Good Vibration is well known for its workshops and have few locations around the city but you can call any of your local sex store to check if it offers classes.

12. Romantic and creative evenings with Wine and Canvas

Perfect for couple who never painted! This is your chance to let your artistic skills shine. It’s all about fun, wine, and togetherness! This is not about technique, although you will get some ideas if you ask the instructors you will learn some. And the bonus: you will take home something you’ve made! With a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers you will have the best evening date.

Here are some possible venues: Art social, Wine and Canvas, Paint nite, Beyond canvas.

13. Eat, love, cook – cooking class

Bring your ideal date for an evening of courtship in the kitchen. Working alongside your special someone, you’ll discover together how fun and romantic it is to prepare a… San Francisco offer many cooking classes. Most of them provides all the ingredients and equipment, and after you finish cooking, you invite to eat enjoy your own creation. Here are some places to check out – Sur La Table, First class cooking, The city kitchen.

14. Open your senses – Wine class

Wine, love, wine. Do we need to say more? A wine class is a wonderful way to spend an evening together with your dear one. Learn more in depth about making wine, tasting, smelling and sensing. Comfortable environment for wine lovers at all levels.

Classes are usually limited to a little over a dozen at a large dining table.

15. Sexy, hot, and fun!  Salsa / Tango Lessons

Dancing together is another way for the two of you to connect with each other. As you dance together, your eyes meet, your bodies are close together, you can feel one another breathing. Don’t think twice, be sensual! Feel it, move it, love it… Here are some options: Salsa by the bay, Cafe Cocomo, Dance SF, Salsa by Ricardo.

Curated by Erbe
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