Sex with Robots?

Will humans soon enjoy the option of having sex with robots? We discuss the technology behind this progressive idea, along with legal, moral and ethical implications. How will this humanlike-bot alter reality? Will relationships suffer as a result?


Originally aired on October 6, 2015


Emma Yann Zhang @yannc2021 (London, United Kingdom)
PhD Student, City University London

Neil McArthur @morallust (Winnipeg, Canada)
Associate Director, Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of Manitoba

Kathleen Richardson (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Director, Campaign Against Sex Robots; Senior Research Fellow in Ethics of Robotics, De Montfort University; Anthropologist

Matt McMullen @AbyssCreations (San Diego, CA)
Creator, RealDoll


Caitlyn Becker

Featured image credit: Huffington Post

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Originally appeared in Huffington Post

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