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Intelligent Men… Reasons Why They Are Sexually Attractive to You

Do you find intelligent men attractive? Why?

1. When a woman is intelligent, she wants a man who can engage her intelligence.

2. Intelligent men don’t always talk about sex, they have much to talk about. A woman gets wowed by depth.

3. Women get attracted to a man who they can admire. An intelligent mind is admirable.

4. Deep sexual attraction starts in the mind, an intelligent man will get to the mind of an intelligent woman.

5. Intelligent men have proven they explore for knowledge, that is the same hunger and passion they will use in exploring the woman, her core and her body. She wants to be studied.

6. A woman is more than a sexual being; she is an intellectual, spiritual, social, creative and complicated being. An intelligent man taps into all that she is.

7. An intelligent man inspires growth. Women love being with a man who they can learn from or experience growth with. She will find herself drowning in the presence of such a man, with him as her man, she will melt in desire and the longing for adventure.

8. An intelligent man who is not full of pride is easy to work with, easy to hold conversations with. Women get turned on by intimate talks. Give her quality conversations and sexual intimacy will be heightened.

9. An intelligent man has grown himself to a point where his face, eyes and demeanour alone can speak. All he needs to do sometimes is give his woman a strong look and she will feel his intensely guarded sexual control and energy.

10. An intelligent man has a strong micro-climate around him. He walks in the room, the bedroom with confidence, his presence is felt, he is a strong spirit with a deep mind. He leans by his woman and she wants his chemistry surrounding her.

11. An intelligent and loving man describes her body in a mature way, he calls out her body. How he talks about her breasts, behind, thighs, smile, eyes and essence in such a sophisticated and studious way makes her blood boil. She surrenders to him because of his intense love that is expressed in such an intelligent and creative way.

Intelligence is about being grown mentally, whether or not you have a University Degree, Masters or PhD. It is about being wise, thinking higher thoughts, respecting all women, and elevating and valuing the one and only woman you love.

A woman finds a smart, grown, deep, knowledgeable, attentive and faithful man so sexy.

Curated by Erbe
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