Using PMS to Create More Intimacy for You

Ladies, what if I told you that by learning what PMS really is, that you could use it as a tool to improve the quality of your life and your relationships?

Guys, what if I told you that PMS, through my lens, will create more intimacy and improve the quality of your relationships with all the women in your life?

Well, ladies and gents, that’s what I’m going to attempt to share with you in this post.

First of all, let’s take a look at what PMS REALLY is.  To do that I have to explain to you that in my world and the work that I do, I love to redefine negative concepts and language, imbuing them with positivity.  Life after all is all about perspective.

We tend to believe what we’ve been told growing up by the adults in our life, as well as buying into all the media messages we are bombarded with constantly.

What I do and what I’m asking you to do is THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Reframe things outside the box so that they empower you, rather than victimize you.

PMS, as I have redefined it, stands for Powerful Monthly Sight.  Ladies, open your minds.  You guys, too.

Ladies first.  Each month, beyond our hormonal changes, we have emotional shifts that happen.  I am a firm believer that this aspect has not been examined nearly closely enough in all the “research” that’s been done on our menstrual cycle, yet every woman knows what I’m talking about when I say this.

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Using PMS to Create More Intimacy for You

About The Author
- GINA CLOUD is a passionate woman and creator of, a deeply devoted teacher, author, speaker, Natural Beauty and Life Coach, an expert on women’s issues, avid tango dancer, and single mother of a daughter. GinaCology, the overarching concept behind all her work, teaches Gina’s self-created and self-lived principles. Gina has been a guest on many radio programs including Playboy Radio, and is the former host of her own radio show, with over 150 episodes. Gina published her first book: W.O.M.A.N., A New Definition in 2009. She has also been featured as an expert guest on The Ricki Lake Show in September 2012. Gina is also a passionate and inspirational speaker who loves to share her knowledge and wisdom so that all women can love the bodies they live in and love themselves from the inside out. She is passionate about information as it relates to our lives as women, and finding ways to honor and celebrate the feminine wisdom, power and sexuality we possess, as well as helping men and women come together in relationships that honor and celebrate our inherent differences.