How to Reenergize Foreplay

Foreplay Tip #3: Foreplay Flash Cards

Think of nine things you want him to do to you, and nine things he’ll want you to do to him and write them on index cards of different colors – pink for you, blue for him. Place them all face down on the bed, then take turns drawing cards and enacting what each one says, and this will add an air of tantalizing anticipation to the proceedings.

Foreplay Tip # 4: Hands-free Massage

Give him the greatest rub-down of his life… without using your hands. Stroke his entire body with your breasts and tummy, massage oil optional. Straddle him either from the front or back and drape your hair over his chest or back while both of you adopt a strict no-touch policy the entire time (which is probably easier said than done in his case, making a pair of handcuffs or pleasure ties a good item to keep in your toy box).

Foreplay Tip #5: Put On a Toy Show

Take out your favorite sex toy and have him stimulate your clitoris while he kisses you where you want to be kissed the most, or drive him absolutely wild by simply letting him watch you enjoy yourself with it. Incorporating a toy into your sex life will go a long, long way to bridging the gap between your orgasm and his, bringing you closer to coming together than ever before.

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How to Reenergize Foreplay

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