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How to Reenergize Foreplay

One of the secrets to a more satisfying sex life is by mastering more enjoyable foreplay.

And while we here at LELO treat foreplay as serious business (because it’s our business after all – and business is good), having even more fun before you get frisky is a great way to connect with your partner; so take it from us, and you’ll be a foreplay pro in no time!
But first…

Why is Foreplay Important?

Here’s the thing; while a guy can take just 3 minutes to orgasm during sex, we ladies need a little more time and TLC to get us to climax. The orgasmic plateau – where climax is imminent – takes most women more than double the time it takes for men, so the added intimacy of a little foreplay can go a long way to your complete intimate enjoyment.
With that in mind, we’ll begin by looking at how we can extend foreplay to where you’re ready to enjoy a satisfying climax, and making him absolutely ravenous to get to the main event.

Foreplay Tip #1: Start Early

Send him a sultry sext message to start off his day thinking about what you’ll be doing to him at the end of it. After he’s arrived at work – please don’t encourage texting and driving – receiving a message from you saying something along the lines of ‘I can’t wait for you to come back tonight so I can rock your world!’ will have his mind racing until it’s time to punch out.
Having trouble thinking of the right words to send to your partner in sexual crime? Check out our list of tried and tested Best Example Sexts to get your creative juices flowing.

Foreplay Tip #2: Positive Reinforcement

When you’re in the middle of foreplay, use the power of communication and tell him what it is you like and how you enjoy being touched. For example, whisper that you ‘love being touched here’ and then guide his hand to wherever that may be for you. Knowing that he’s doing something right will make him want to keep doing it for the sole reason that he knows you like it – simple, right?