How Did You Pull That?! What I Learned from Dating a Male Model and You Can Too.

I told all my friends that I had told about Model Boo that I had cut him out of my life, and to my astonishment, I was hit with so much animosity! So many of my friends telling me to give him another chance, why was I being so petty, and how could I throw away such a beautiful man? Honestly it both saddened me and boggled my mind. So because he’s a beautiful man, I have to tolerate that level of rudeness, disrespect, and callousness? He had been acting up for some time, and I just had had enough. I shouldn’t have to teach a man how to treat me. He should already know.

I don’t regret cutting Model Boo off. If he really liked me, he would never have done that to me. People who cherish you wouldn’t treat you like that. But the bigger issue I want to bring to light is how people will use someone’s attractiveness level to gauge how much disrespect they will tolerate from someone. I don’t think any amount of beauty is worth compromising proper treatment. I’m still angry and shocked at how trivial some of my so-called friends made me feel for not taking Model Boo’s shit. However, staying in a bad relationship is basically a measure of your own self-esteem… and it is something I don’t lack. Yeah he was beautiful, but damn it… I’m beautiful too!

Sometimes, I just don’t know what is going through women’s heads when they actually reply to some of these men that are on online dating sites. I don’t know if it is just me having a heightened sense of awareness, but I frequently have an intense accurate gut feeling about people from just glancing at their profile. I have decided I am going to try to impart some of my wisdom onto other fellow female online daters. I am so tired of hearing women moan and groan about meeting men from online and it going bad from the beginning… I always tell them “YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID MORE ATTENTION TO HIS PROFILE”… because everything you need to know will be on there!

Look at his pictures closely.

This is honestly the number one thing I look at. I scroll through every single one of a man’s pictures when I actually take the time to peruse a profile. And honestly, I’m looking for a number of things. Does he have kids or pets? What does his living quarters look like? Does he have a photo of him on the job? It goes without saying you should always reject photos of men that involve him flipping the bird, holding bottles of liquor, doing illegal drugs, or making it a point to show off flashy clothes or accessories. My personal opinion is these types of guys are immature and only want to take advantage of a woman, so save yourself the heartache.

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How Did You Pull That?! What I Learned from Dating a Male Model and You Can Too.

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- Steph is a 28 year old multi-hyphenate of Hispanic background. Born in New York, raised in Miami, and now back in her hometown, she hopes to use her life experiences to inspire and challenge others.