Developing Your LOVE Muscles = Quality LOVE

4. You can have fun

Sometimes a little humor can go a long way. Be silly and fun. Allow your inner nerd to come out and encourage your partner to dork-out along with you. Laughter is key to any relationship and it creates a bond (and inside jokes) that only the two of you share. Not only will having a good sense of humor ensure you and your partner have a good time together, but it may be what keeps you afloat when life gets difficult.

5. You’re willing to grow

When you meet your partner you may both love the Grateful Dead, Italian food, and soccer, but that doesn’t mean these passions can’t change and evolve. Encourage your partner’s personal growth and be open to your own. Things will change and if you can be flexible and open about your significant other’s sudden interest in skateboarding or French culture, it will go a long way in maintaining an open and successful relationship.

6. You challenge them

Part of what makes a couple successful is their ability to challenge each other. If your partner feels like you’re dragging them down — the relationship won’t last long. It’s important to be paired in a way that encourages growth from both parties. Maybe your knowledge of the art world inspires your partner or the that fact that you’re hardworking and ambitious. It’s important to not only grow and learn from a relationship, but to be able to offer that quality to your partner in return.

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Developing Your LOVE Muscles = Quality LOVE

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