Call the Wedding Planner! Six Global Wedding Traditions You Must Add to Your Big Day

5. German Log Sawing –

German Log Sawing

This is where your friends get to have a little fun. The night before the wedding your friends are obliged to drunkenly smash dishes against your house for you and your partner to clean up in the morning! Yes, WTF, but remember to smile! You’re being tested! This is intended to showcase your ability to work together and face obstacles. Another favorite is log sawing. If you can find a log, and a saw, and you can maneuver in your gipao, this is a great way to test your love on the happiest of days!

6. A Venezuelan Goodbye –


Venezuelan Goodbye

Every couple has that knowing glance at a party, that it’s time to go. You commence the yawning (“we gotta get up early”), then fight the insistence (“no really, we should go”) and then finally after a long and tiring goodbye (“lets seriously have lunch soon”) you get to leave. In Venezuela, they’ve given you the gift of not only not having to go through that, but it’s actually considered good luck to leave without anyone noticing! And no one will mind, because any couple that eventually does notice receives good luck as well. Everyone wins! Get out of there! Go enjoy your newly wedded boo, without any of the hassles of having to take goodbye selfies with all of your drunk relatives.

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Call the Wedding Planner! Six Global Wedding Traditions You Must Add to Your Big Day

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