Call the Wedding Planner! Six Global Wedding Traditions You Must Add to Your Big Day

You’ve fantasized about that person, imagined yourself standing next to them at the altar, leaning in to kiss them. In Sweden, you’re allowed to play out that fantasy.

You did it, you’re finally getting married! You’ve finally found someone you’re on the same page with. No more overanalyzing, they ARE that into you. You’ve dreamt about this moment your whole life, or possibly only really thought about it in the last month. Either way, wearing white, tossing the bouquet, and smearing wedding cake all over your partner’s nose are great ways to bore everyone else to tears. Sure your parents would love a traditional wedding, but these ARE traditions, just not your own…yet. Here are six wedding traditions that will make your guests actually want to come to your wedding.

1. Norwegian Surprise –

Norwegian Wedding Cake

Cake? Yes please. Wine? Definitely. Cake with a bottle of wine in it? Norway, you geniuses. Norwegian wedding cake known as Kransekake, is a cone shaped cake with a series of layers of cake rings piled on top of each other. The bride and groom are meant to lift the top ring, and however many rings stick to the top of it is how many children the couple will have and yada yada yada, there’s wine in the middle! Eat your way to your drink, and enjoy!

2. Chinese Runway –

red chinese wedding dress

You spend hours, months, years searching for the perfect dress and quite frankly, one isn’t enough. In China, they know that. Three different dresses make their way into this day, first comes the traditional qipao, then comes a western style wedding gown, and then comes a ball gown. A ball gown, just like the fairy tale princess you always knew you were. You’ve exercised for months, your hair and make up are on point, your tan is real, and there’s a photographer following you around everywhere you go. Why would you only wear one dress? Pick a few good looks, practice your one-knee-out standing pose, and walk down that runway, I mean aisle, in your favorite style.