Call the Wedding Planner! Six Global Wedding Traditions You Must Add to Your Big Day

3. Swedish Kissing –

swedish kissing tradition

Brides and grooms stop reading this, bridesmaids and groomsmen this is for you. Every bride or groom is someone else’s ‘one who got away.’ Maybe that person happens to be your best friend’s fiancee. You’ve fantasized about that person, imagined yourself standing next to them at the altar, leaning in to kiss them. In Sweden, you’re allowed to play out that fantasy. Every time the bride or groom leaves the room, guests are allowed to plant a kiss on the one left behind. Your best friend is going to have to go to the bathroom eventually, leaving your crush sitting all alone. Get in there, it’s your time! This is (probably) your only chance! Ok, you can bring back the bride and groom, tell them this was about wedding presents.

4. Egyptian Royalty –

Coptic Egyptian wedding

This is a day everyone you know and love has come together to honor you and your fiancee’s love for each other. All eyes are on you, and everyone is showering you with adoration. Why wouldn’t you wear a crown? I’m not talking about a tiara, I mean a crown, and you both get to wear one. In Coptic Egyptian weddings it is tradition for the bride and groom to wear crowns and capes, similar to Eddie Murphy’s look in Coming to America. It’s meant to symbolize glory and honor, where the new ‘king and queen’ establish their own little kingdom – their home. Remember that when your new little princes and princesses are vomiting on your shoulder.

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Call the Wedding Planner! Six Global Wedding Traditions You Must Add to Your Big Day

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