An “Erotic ART” moment in the South of France

I found an authentic paper-hanger uniform at a local thrift store to wear for the installation. We mixed up flour paste, and found an authentic brush to do the application work.Artist_J_Gordon-2

Then we waited for a Sunday morning. We fortified ourselves with breakfast in Villefranche and proceeded with a sense of purpose and adventure to create this frisky art installation.

The scene looked authentic and very French, just in case the Gend’armes would pass by. But being France, the alteration to a more passionate display drew no ones attention.  C’est normal!Artist_J_Gordon-1

Erotic graffiti! An improvement to the route and my jubilation of accomplishing something tres silly!Artist_J_Gordon-4

Lastly, the piece de resistance!Artist_J_Gordon-6

It stayed up for weeks until the normal rotation change of billboards.  We would imagine chauffeur driven countesses coming around the corner encountering just another orgasmic phallus in action!

J’adore the French joie de vivre erotic!


Original Piece by Artist J Gordon

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An “Erotic ART” moment in the South of France

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