An “Erotic ART” moment in the South of France

Some years ago I was living in the South of France with my love who had spent time growing up in the region. The coastal road from Monaco to Nice is narrow and the billboards along the route are in your face as you go around the curves. I passed this particular billboard daily and as an artist my creative imagination landed on what was so familiar about it!Artist_J_Gordon-5

An inspired erotic art piece revealed itself with a perfect canvas primed!Artist_J_Gordon-8

My love, our Russian friend and I sat on the wall directly across from it contemplating the sexy art that might be created.

We went back to our villa and set about creating our inspired intimate replacement for the billboard on the terrazzo floor.

We drank wine, painted, cut out the piece and made editorial comments such as “add more veins! Make it pinker!”

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An “Erotic ART” moment in the South of France

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