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6 Empowered Feminine Ways to Attract a Great Mate

WorkoutBrutal athletic woman pumping up muscles with dumbbells

This may seem to some, the most obvious, and to others, the most shallow, but taking care of your health and body is a sign of self-respect. When you respect yourself, you open the door for others to respect you. I’m not saying you have to eat a carrot a day and start running marathons, just maintain a moderately healthy lifestyle. I once did a juice cleanse for a week and immediately felt like a new woman. I was hit on multiple times before I found out I hadn’t actually lost any weight. When you start to feel good about yourself it shows, and others respond to that newly found confidence.


Do Something out of your Comfort Zone

This has 3 outcomes. When you do something that is foreign to you, you

  1. Might find a new hobby or interest
  2. Might meet someone you get on with
  3. Might find something you abhor and/or a person you abhor

Either way, it’s worth a shot. When you open yourself up to new things you become a more well-rounded person. The more things you have exposed yourself to, the more you will have in common, or at least be able to have an intelligent conversation on with others. I joined an improv class once because doing improv was my biggest fear and ended up meeting a handsome businessman who was doing the class to help him feel more creative in the workplace. We both decided we weren’t improv people and then made out. You never know who you will meet and where so be careful to close doors.


I know… Seriously though, going weeks or months without sexual sensation can translate into anger and frustration. Nobody wants to be the bitch that needs to get laid. If you’re not the type that’s into one night stands, you might have to do it yourself for a bit. Use that imagination, and if you need help there’s a really hot video on youtube of Bradley Cooper speaking French.

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