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12 Facts Most Doctors Don’t Tell You About Sexual Health

11. Cancer survivors may need help salvaging their sex lives.

It’s the exceptional oncologist who gives you real solutions to deal with the physical AND emotional aftermath of chemotherapy, radiation, and early menopause. Self-esteem may be shaky, and reclaiming one’s body after trauma is a simultaneously emotional and physical journey.

On a physiological level, I’ll start by saying that it is safe to use vaginal estrogen even if you’ve had cancer; that said, some are uncomfortable using hormonal solutions for these changes in sex drive. In this case, there are equally good non-hormonal solutions available, so ask your doctor.

12. That funky smell coming from your vagina may just be a pH balance.

A number of triggers, including menstruation, intercourse or medications, can upset the vaginal ecosystem and elevate pH, causing an odor, an increase or change in vaginal discharge, or a bacterial infection. An effective remedy to these triggers is an over-the-counter vaginal pH-balancing gel (I recommend RepHresh) which can help you maintain a healthy vaginal pH for three days and can eliminate feminine odor.

Of course, there are toys, lubes, and devices that can take things to a whole new level, but it isn’t just about making sex pleasurable, it’s about how to make it possible. Every woman, regardless of age, should be able to enjoy fulfilling, exciting sex and overcome pain, lack of desire and lack of lubrication as a result her body’s unique challenges.

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