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12 Facts Most Doctors Don’t Tell You About Sexual Health

7. Taking estrogen is not equivalent to taking poison.

According to a recent global survey, estrogen could be your ticket back to a slippery, slidey sex life. But, for those who can’t or prefer not to take estrogen, plenty of alternatives are readily available at the local drugstore, so menopause can actually be the start of a better-than-ever sex life.

8. A clitoral vibrator might be the prescription your doctor should’ve given you at your last visit.

If the only thing you own that vibrates is your cell phone, it’s time to go shopping. Many older women (and younger women, too, for that matter) require additional intensity to achieve an orgasm. This is particularly the case if there is compromised blood flow from a medical condition, or just from normal changes that accompany aging. Not sure what to buy? Just ask me.

9. The female condom is underrated.

The female condom (FC2) not only prevents pregnancy and STDs, but also actually makes for sex better. The ring on the outside provides clitoral stimulation and the lubrication coats the vaginal walls.

10. Women with incontinence may also have painful sex or the inability to have an orgasm.

Not to mention the fear of peeing accidentally during sex.The culprit is weak, and/or sometimes painful pelvic floor muscles. And, yes, there are solutions that don’t involve surgery or diapers. (Kegels are a great place to start, for instance.)