What You Seek Is Seeking You… Make LOVE Daily

People often ask me what if choosing LOVE just feels hard?  How can I give LOVE to another who brought me pain?  How can I LOVE myself when I don’t like what I see?  How I can trust that LOVE will last?  Why should I care?  What’s the point?  My response is always the same; I believe that the point – is LOVE.  That these are the times when we especially need LOVE.  Because when it’s hard for us to feel LOVE, we are suffering, and that is when we need to choose LOVE more than ever.  That LOVE begins with loving ourselves.

If we want happiness, we must be happiness.  If we want peace, we must be peace.  If we want kindness, we must be kind.  If we want LOVE, we must be LOVE.

And when should we choose this LOVE thing? 


In the very next thing you feel, think, say, or do, choose do it with LOVE.  Look around you.  Look in the mirror.  Days are turning into nights.  Months are turning into years.

If not now, when?

If not now, why?

When we’re feeling lonely, or afraid, unworthy, or undeserved, we all have the medicine within ourselves to feel better, to heal.  And because we’re connected together in this business of life, when you heal yourself, you heal the world.

So I invite you to begin.  To fill your intentions, your mind, your vocabulary, your heart, and your life with this righteous LOVE Juju stuff.  To take note of how it begins to change your life.  The LOVE we receive from the outside world is a reflection of the LOVE we give within ourselves.  Notice the ways in which LOVE is mirrored back to your tender and expanded heart, your kind thoughts, words and deeds, your compassionate choices; your self-honoring self-care, as the Universe acknowledges and high fives this LOVE Warrior version of you, moving through your days with a LOVE cup spilling over onto everything in its’ wake.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.  Why not make LOVE your one thing?  To be willing, to be open, to begin loving yourself and the world around you.  To answer your own questions.  It’s not always easy.  In fact, sometimes it can seem supremely impossible.  It may take an afternoon.  It may take a lifetime.  But I can’t think of a worthier use of a life.

I’m writing a new LOVE story and it’s turning out to be quite an epic.  To choose to be loving and loved, for the sake of LOVE, is for me, the very act in how I “Make LOVE Daily”.

Give your SELF the gift of LOVE Every Day xo

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What You Seek Is Seeking You… Make LOVE Daily

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