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Want to Create Intimacy At Bedtime?…These Rituals Work for Every Couple

The bedroom is a sacred space for a relationship, but it’s about more than just a good mattress, tranquil wall color and comfortable sheets.

You need also to keep consistent bedtime habits with your partner–the kind that almost dare you not to go to bed in total bliss.

Here are four bedtime rules & rituals that happy couples swear by:

They Go to Bed at the Same Time

Going to bed together is a sacred time, and a great opportunity for couples to connect and download their days. If one of you goes to sleep much earlier than the other, try to still make some time around whenever the earlier person goes to bed–even if you need to get up after they’ve gone to sleep.

They Kick Kids & Pets Out of the Bedroom

Bedtime is an intimate hour. Be vigilant about bedtime for the little ones, and make sure your pets have another comfortable place to sleep besides your bed.

They Cuddle Each Other

Physical touch is so important to a good relationship, and cuddling in bed is like a shortcut to intimacy. It’s science: According to The Telegraph, partners who sleep less than an inch apart are more likely to be happy in their relationship.

They Power Down Phones and Turn Off the TV

It’s better for your health and it’s better for your relationship. Without digital distractions, you’re leaving more of an opportunity to start meaningful conversations or, well, whatever else two adults might do in bed together.

What are your (PG-13) bedroom rules?

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