The Reality of Dating a Celebrity

Pitfall Three: Sharing Him

Guy returned often to Montreal, and we started to live together when he was in town. To me, this meant that we were a couple. Though he professed his love, and even wrote a couple of songs about me, I soon learned that to him I was just his girlfriend in that particular city. Just as sailors have a girl in every port, entertainers can have several.

Pitfall Four: Egos

There is an unfairness in this type of relationship that wears it down. Celebrities usually have large egos, they have to believe in themselves and their talent to get anywhere, and if they are any good, their ego is constantly being stroked; by fans, managers, producers, and anyone who wants to meet them. On the other hand, the girlfriend of a celebrity can have no ego, you are important only in private. Whenever you are together in public he belongs to his public, not you.

Pitfall Five: Unfaithfulness

It takes maturity to be able to handle the pressure of the entertainment business, and we were both in our 20s. I got tired of his unfaithfulness, and wanted a real relationship, with someone who put me first. Though I was important to him, he was not ready to make the career sacrifices that he felt would be necessary in order to placate me.

I think most girls have fantasized about dating their favorite celebrity, the reality is that it is about the most difficult relationship to maintain. Next time you hear about a celebrity break-up, try to imagine yourself sharing your significant other with their thousands of fans, their ego, and their entourage!

We were together, off and on, for three years. Though I really did love him, we went our separate ways. I discovered that I was too independent, and that I did actually have an ego that needed to be stroked, too.

We have remained friends, and he has often said that he didn’t realize at the time how important I was to him, and how good I was to him. We have made peace. I learned a lot, not the least of which was to be understanding of the lives that people in the fish-bowl of the entertainment industry live. People tend to laugh at the many break-ups and hook-ups that the Stars have, we forget that they are human too, and probably hurt almost as much as we do, when they break up.


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The Reality of Dating a Celebrity

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